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By Gary D. Barnett

We are in the midst of one perceived fake threat after another claimed by the state, and each day seems to bring more and more events best described as fantasy; or to a greater extent, purposely produced and directed theatre. Hollywood could not manage these false flags any better, or maybe the movie design of all these staged events and government are fully coordinated and choreographed.
Regardless of where we begin, all of this could easily be placed under the heading, “You just can’t make this s**t up!” It appears that each and every ‘event’ is meant for one or another purpose, but lies and cover-ups by this corrupt government and its bought and paid for media, are certainly beyond obvious.
It is interesting to look at time lines to find out the sequence of events, so as to find if one is being used to cover another. The East Palestine train ‘derailment’ actually happened on February 3rd, which was two weeks ago. This is one of the most devastating toxic releases of deadly poison ever to occur, and was intentionally detonated under the guise of protecting the residents from a possible explosion. In other words, this train full of incredibly deadly chemicals, was intentionally blown up (exploded) to ‘protect’ the citizens from a possible explosion. Very little if anything was reported about his life-changing event by any major news outlet, and did not become well known until many days later when the uproar reached high levels. The White House and government did not comment for a week. In the meantime, the first so-called Chinese balloon that was recognized on February 3rd, (the same day of the toxic release in Ohio) was shot down over the Atlantic the next day, and the balloon fiasco became the most major story in the mainstream media, while thousands of people’s lives were threatened, fish and animals were dying, and lethal poisons were traveling across the country. Coincidence? Not hardly.
Since that time, and still, any number of planted objects have continually been shot down; these stories inundating the mainstream news. As an aside, in 2022, a movie called “White Noise,” (I am not linking this) was released, which portrayed  a train derailment in a small town in Ohio, that allowed a toxic release of deadly chemical poisons. In addition, the train that derailed recently, was filmed by security cameras 20 miles before it reached East Palestine, and showed the rail car that supposedly caused the derailment was on fire, but the train was not stopped. Why?
But do not worry, as this evil government has vowed to investigate this tragedy, well after it happened, and only due to exposure, which in effect is like investigating itself; this after the White House and FEMA turned down disaster relief for East Palestine while spending tens of millions to shoot down balloons. This tragedy and environmental disaster has been described by many as the same as a chemical nuclear bomb being dropped on the area.
It just so happens that the two largest shareholders of Norfolk Southern, the rail company in question, and said to not be carrying toxic and deadly chemicals before derailing in East Palestine, are Vanguard and Blackrock. Worry not however, as Norfolk Southern has said it is ‘making plans’ to create a $1 million dollar charitable fund to support all the residents of East Palestine. For those with weak math skills, this equates to about $200 per person. Of course, the millions who will likely be very adversely affected by this across a large swath of this country are just out of luck, as they will not receive their $200. This is akin to shutting down businesses across the country, many closed for an undetermined amount of time, and many going bankrupt, all for a fake ‘pandemic,’ and receiving a check from the same government that shut them down, for $1,200 for their misery.
To add insult to injury, the very evil EPA has announced that all the air and water after this intentional release of deadly toxins in East Palestine, is safe. Of course their track record does not bring confidence, as the toxic waste and poisons in the air in New York after the state-sponsored terror attack of 9/11, was given the same “safe” to breathe label. These past few years have brought much in the area of safe, or “safe and effective.” How has that worked out so far?
How many negative events, especially any that could be harmful to government, are covered up?

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