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Nice clickbait — which he provided, by the way, for a competing news organization.

He wasn’t even doing lying clickbait for his employer.

Let’s go past his clickbait post and see what Manu Raju — who you should completely trust, even though he’s been caught straight-up lying to you before — omitted:

1. This particular system is new — but the White House has had a room-sized golf simulator for a while. Barack Obama had one installed too, and Manu Raju didn’t complain then.

From the Washington Post — second paragraph. They didn’t even try to hide it; Manu Raju provided that service himself.

That system replaced an older, less sophisticated simulator that had been installed under President Barack Obama, according to two people with knowledge of the previous system.

2. Manu Raju said Trump “installed” the system, leaving open the possibility that this is a taxpayer-funded thing. (As it probably was under Obama.) Manu Raju could have used the shorter word “bought,” because Trump did in fact buy it with his own money. But Manu Raju chose a longer, less informative word. Why?

Again, from the Washington Post:

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss details of the president’s private residence, said that Trump had paid for the new system and the installation personally.

Did Obama pay for his system? Or did the taxpayers?

Manu Raju has previously been caught pushing Fake News lies about Trump, Jr. getting, supposedly, advanced word of a Wikipedia link.

In fact he didn’t — but this “journalist” didn’t bother checking the dates to confirm this was in fact advanced word.

CNN on Friday corrected an erroneous report that Donald Trump Jr. had received advance notice from the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks about a trove of hacked documents that it planned to release during last year’s presidential campaign.In fact, the email to Mr. Trump was sent a day after the documents, stolen from the Democratic National Committee, were made available to the general public. The correction undercut the main thrust of CNN’s story, which had been seized on by critics of President Trump as evidence of coordination between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

It was also yet another prominent reporting error at a time when news organizations are confronting a skeptical public, and a president who delights in attacking the media as “fake news.”

CNN’s erroneous scoop, about the email to Donald Trump Jr., rocketed around cable news and social media on Friday morning. But it fell apart after The Washington Post reported that the email –which included a decryption key to access hacked documents — was dated Sept. 14, not Sept. 4, as CNN initially reported. WikiLeaks publicized links to the documents in question on Sept. 13.

The liar Manu Raju didn’t correct his story to admit it was now completely false and now contained nothing newsworthy, unless you think a rando telling Trump, Jr. on the 14th that a Wikileaks file openly published on the thirteenth is big news.

That’s as newsworthy as a prophet in 1971 predicting that man would walk on the moon in 1969.

Instead, CNN just “corrected the dates” without conceding that the dates were the entirety of the story, and that there was no story at all if Trump Jr. did not get an email about the Wikileaks file before it was published to every single person in the whole wide world.

Correction: This story has been corrected to say the date of the email was September 14, 2016, not September 4, 2016. The story also changed the headline and removed a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., who posted a message about WikiLeaks on September 4, 2016.

In other words, you changed the key operative facts the story was based on, you changed the headline which all but screamed PROOF OF COLLUSION, and you deleted a Donald Trump, Jr. tweet which you erroneously connected with the later Wikileaks file in question.

Other than that — the story is solid, Manu!

Hey, at least you didn’t try.

CNN declined to take disciplinary action against Manu Raju, finding that even though he had pushed very fake news out to the public, he had followed CNN’s protocols in pushing out false propaganda.

So, well done. “Avoided disciplinary action” is something every CNN reporter strives for these days.

Circle up, everybody, great job. Make sure you all tickle each other in the asshole and grab a gift-bag on the way out.

Meanwhile, CNN is making up more Fake News — or rather, Nancy Pelosi’s making things up out of whole cloth to distract from their Little Antisemite Who Could, and CNN is passing these lies on uncritically, apparently without doing any fact-checking:

Here are some questions this “CNN reporter” might have asked:

When did this happen? At which event?

Why would someone say “JEW-S-A” in a patriotic chant? Wouldn’t the intent of saying “JEW-S-A” be to denigrate the US as being under evil Jewish control — you know, what Ilhan Omar and many, many Democrats actually believe?

Do you think CNN would run such a preposterous, evidence-free claim from Trump?

And speaking of those with unclean hands — check out this enthusiastic boost CNN gave to Ilhan Omar’s “exciting” questions about Jewish control of US politics.

Ilhan Omar says it’s ‘exciting’ her controversial views on Israel are sparking debateBy Clare Foran and Manu Raju, CNN

Oh look, it’s Manu Raju again!

Let’s see what he has to say about dark conspiracies about Jewish control of the US political system:

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