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It’s not just what was being said, and how it was being said, but it’s also the chyron to accompany the statements that stands out, in this brief panel segment about the goals and objectives of the House impeachment agenda.

Notice “lawyers for House dems suggest”, which is the framework for the broadcast.  This is a key point; an absolutely vital point; that we have discussed here at great length but almost no-one is correctly considering.   The Lawfare crowd is controlling the political activity, not the moonbat politicians.  WATCH:.

There is a legal network behind all of the political activity; the same network which was behind the weaponization of the DOJ and DOJ-NSD.  The same “beach friend” network of corrupt lawyers who initiated and controlled the Mueller investigation.  The same legal network who designed and are carrying out the operational objectives of the various House impeachment committees.  In totality, this is one big legal continuum of corrupt lawyers.

Names like Douglas Letter, Chief House Counsel.  Committee legal contractors like: Barry Berke, Norm Eisen, Daniel Goldman and even former DOJ-NSD head Mary McCord are all in this background “House lawyers” network.

•Lawfare founder Benjamin Witte; •Comey’s lawyer, special FBI employee and leaker of Comey memos, Daniel Richman; •former DOJ-NSD lawyer David Laufman who represents FBI friend Monica McLean; •Andy McCabe’s personal lawyer, Michael Bromwich, who also represented Christine Blasey-Ford; and •former FBI legal counsel James Baker are all part of this ongoing legal network.

Some within the network are still inside government; like former DOJ-NSD lead legal counsel Michael Atkinson who is the current Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG); and current Flynn prosecutor Brandon Van Grack, who was also part of the Mueller team.  These are all massively corrupt and dirty lawyers.

Even Politico noted the legal team of more than “two dozen” lawyers is involved in the House effort to remove President Trump.  All of them have a specific interest in the removal; and some of them like Mary McCord and her former counsel Michael Atkinson, have massive conflicts of interest due to their prior law-breaking activity:

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