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by William M. Briggs

So the jury convicted Chauvin of both murder and manslaughter of the same man. He was found guilty of two murder counts, not just one, and one manslaughter. How is this possible? I ask in ignorance. Some lawyers who read this blog might enlighten us.
The realpolitik answer is encapsulated in Maxine Waters, that hideous race-baiting evil grifting greedy mediocrity, who promised violence if the jury did not bring a guilty verdict. Waters, that is, swore to unleash a wave of angry of-colors to teach the jury a lesson.
It wouldn’t have been hard to find the jurors. The enemies of the people at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune published their information.
Biden, waking from his slumbers, “prayed” for a guilty verdict. In his favor, he likely didn’t know what the flap was about. He was just mouthing the words put in front of him. Still, Chauvin could not have expected justice when the entire elite and rulers were against him.

Immediately after, the enemies of the people began weighing in. On CBS news radio, a female was saying “officials” were “worried outside agitators” might come in because of the verdict….and? She never finished the sentence. “And act like blacks during riot season” maybe?
She also said the verdict had to be guilty, given the video. She meant the video touted everywhere in the press. And not the other video showing Chauvin had his knee on St Floyd’s back and not neck.
There’s little point rehearsing the evidence. But if you want an excellent just-before-the-verdict take, read “Trial Update: Can Chauvin Find an Irrational Juror?
There was clearly sufficient evidence for reasonable doubt. But what does evidence matter any more? Anywhere? What matters is power and until the dissident right learns this lesson things will only get worse.
The pandering did not stop with the verdict. And will not stop.

He didn’t say whether free matches and maps to sneakers stores would be handed out as a convenience for the mostly peaceful protesters.
St George “Lifelong Thug” Floyd “sacrificed” his life, said this prominent drunkard:

Elsewhere, the rulers’ mutaween, the religious police known as BLM, was out threatening trucks, shouting “F*** the National Guards”, and generally behaving as thugs behave.
Pandering, i.e. appeasement, never works. It always makes things worse. Who doesn’t know this? Yet it doesn’t mean the debased are not going to stick with it. They are. And will ramp it up. The enemies of the people at MSNBC are already saying the unjust verdict is “not enough.” Even lynching Chauvin would not be enough.
Debased entertainment firms—surely they will all follow suit: post others in the comments—at the NBA “praised” the verdict. And this:
Why will they all boast of their wokeness? Some because they hope sacrificing Chauvin will appease the Race god and prevent further violence.

But mostly because those on the left sees how piety performances gets them ahead. They don’t care about the long-term and societal consequences of their dishonesty. They care only about their selves, and how they will immediately benefit. We will talk more about our leftward spiral toward a bloody singularity later.
The good news, if any, is that crime stats are about to nosedive in all locales with large black populations. Except killings. I do not jest.
It isn’t an official crime if it isn’t written down. What cop wants to risk his and his family’s life to arrest some lowlife when he is the one society thinks is guilty of the “real” crime?
The best and safest thing you can do is stay away from all blacks in the very sort of situations you don’t need me to tell you about. If you are assaulted by a “teen”, you will be charged with hurting the “teen’s” fist. You will be called a racist. You will be hounded by the enemies of the people, and even by your own government.
They wanted the separation, which none of us called for, or even wanted. Let them have it.

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