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But oh, by the way, we also don’t want to hear from certain witnesses, like Hunter Biden.

From Epoch Times:

Schumer wrote to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) over the weekend, telling his counterpart he wants Mulvaney to testify, along with Robert Blair, a senior adviser to Mulvaney; former National Security Advisor John Bolton; and Michael Duffey, associate director for national security at the Office of Management and Budget…..

Schumer said the Senate Democrats are open to hearing from additional witnesses, if they have direct knowledge of the Trump administration decisions that the opposition party is arguing constitute impeachable offenses.

Asked if he’d support calling some of the witnesses that Republicans want to testify, such as the person who filed the complaint against Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Schumer suggested he wouldn’t.

If Schumer wants to hear from these witnesses, why doesn’t he ask his fellow party hack Nancy Pelosi to call them, instead of insisting, impotently, that Mitch McConnell do what Nancy Pelosi refused to do?

Schumer was just on TV. In 1999, he adamantly refused any new witnesses, claiming they’d heard all they’d needed to hear from the House inquiry. Now he demands witnesses. He just claims the two situations are “completely opposite.” Meaning they’re trying to get someone of the opposite party.

He also babbled about why he needed new witnesses but why Trump’s proposed witnesses — such as Alexandria Chalupa and Hunter Biden — must not be called. He claimed that anyone claiming anything at all about Ukraine is pushing “conspiracy theories,” and he added, only Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele and CNN and MSNBC are permitted to do that.

Well he didn’t say that. But it was heavily implied.

Byron York commented on the Democrats’ “pre-trial trolling” strategy.

In coming weeks Senate Democrats will insist on hearing testimony House Democrats didn’t even try to hear. Might be a tough argument to make. House has made its case. Time for Senate to judge.

Democratic pre-trial trolling strategy already clear. We need new witnesses! What does Mitch McConnell have to hide? What are they afraid of? New witnesses, new evidence. Americans deserve the whole story. (Except for ‘distractions’ like Hunter Biden or whistleblower.)

Schumer and other veteran Democrats will totally flip their positions from 1999. Their argument will be: It’s OK because that was a Bad Impeachment and this is a Good Impeachment.

Meanwhile, mentally decrepit leftwing lawyer and deranged Trump Obsessive Lawrence Tribe is proposing… emergency bail-out procedures to just quit impeachment and stop the bleeding.

He wants the House to refuse to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate, blaming McConnell or something.

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