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The mayor of Los Angeles told residents to unplug their appliances, shut off their air conditioners, and turn on a fan after 3 p.m.

Look at this…

And they call those of us in flyover country backwards

All I know is that out here in the sticks, out here in hick country, out here in the hinterlands, my 3,200 square foot home (if you count my finished basement) is as comfortable, cool, and dry as a shopping mall. A 72 perfect degrees, and it has been at least five years since the power’s gone out, and even then it wasn’t longer than an hour.

Who’s the bumpkin now?

There is no better sign you live in a third world country than rationed electricity.

Honestly, if your government is too inept to deliver the basics, and other than water — something else California can’t deliver — there is nothing more basic than electricity, you live in a third world country.

Sorry, you just do.

Want to know what else only happens in third world countries? Being told to shut off or power down your electricity at a certain time each day only happens in third world countries — you know, like the third world country of California.

Why would any American choose to live like this? And in America, that truly is a choice.

You don’t have to live in some sweaty hellhole. Voting for lunatic Democrats is a choice. There’s no shortage of electrical power in this country, but there is in California, because stupid politicians elected by stupid voters put Gaia above curing human misery and refuse to build the necessary infrastructure to deliver the necessary power and water.

Oh, and you’re not saving the planet, morons.

Global Warming is a Hoax.

So all you’re doing is suffering for no reason, other than to worship a pagan religion invented by a political party desperate to control and micromanage your lives.

I hear it’s like 120 degrees out there in some places, but by all means, turn off the AC… Go ahead and let a fan blow all that hot air around — like you’re a member of the Flintstone family.

Nothing like living in a progressive state!

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