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Noah Rothman:

Despite conspicuous displays of bravado and self-assuredness, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the left to defend the President Barack Obama’s actions. How can you tell? A few are starting to jump ship.

Take, for example, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank who can no longer avoid stating what is in his mind a condition too obvious to ignore: Obama is becoming George W. Bush.

Milbank’s particular gripe centered on today’s defenestration – sorry, mutually agreed to resignation – of Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel. The columnist lamented the similarities between Bush’s decision to respond to the “thumpin’” his party took in 2006 by jettisoning Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld and Obama’s embrace of a similar strategy in the wake if his party’s drubbing at the polls.

But the biggest letdown for Milbank is the acknowledgement in Obama’s decision of the widening war in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State.

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