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There seems to be a complacency in the way Republican lawmakers often handle good news. One might even think they’re going too generous in the way they allow the news to sit there, collect dust, and die the death of a news cycle change. Case-in-point: Bruce Ohr and the Russian collusion hoax. This is a bombshell and so far most Republicans are delivering… crickets.

It’s not all their fault. After all, one of the unfortunate roles played by leftist legacy media is the determination of what they want the people to believe is news. Today, it’s the El Paso shooter telling police he committed the crime and was targeting “Mexicans.” This is certainly big news… at least it would be if we didn’t already know both before today. The only difference is that police are reporting he said it. Before that, all we had was his racist screed posted online blaming Hispanics at the border for problems with the environment and the fact that he surrendered to police as the shooter.

So that’s the top story, and considering the interest America has in mass shootings following last weekend, it’s understandable that even confirmation news is the top story. But nowhere on any of the major news network’s broadcasts or the homepages of their websites will you find mentions of Bruce Ohr. Why? Because the 302s released by the Department of Justice tell us what we previously didn’t know, that Ohr continued to backchannel information to the DoJ from Christopher Steele and the Clinton campaign long after the FBI had disregarded them as sources.

I’m talking about it (though very few are listening). A couple of House Freedom Caucus members are talking about it. And… that’s about it.

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