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Twitchy points out that Sheriff Joe was put in charge of curing cancer under Obama, and I’m sure you’re all enjoying the cancer-free world he made for you.
During campaign season, Brandon also promised to cure Alzheimer’s and diabetes in addition to cancer.
Maybe… start with Alzheimer’s, Joe.
Not going to say why.
You know why.
At any rate, Biden enjoyed curing cancer so much he’s decided to do it again.
And no, this has nothing to do with his Miserable Failure on covid. He’s not trying to distract the public from noticing that by announcing a new lofty goal with a very convenient 25 year deadline.

Today, I’m proud to announce our plan to supercharge the Cancer Moonshot as a central effort of the Biden-Harris Administration.
Our goal is to cut the cancer death rate by at least 50% over the next 25 years.
It’s bold, ambitious, and completely doable.

He has a “plan” to cure cancer.


President Joe Biden on Wednesday relaunched the federal government’s cancer “moonshot” initiative, with the goal of cutting the death rate from cancer in half over the next quarter-century.”We can end cancer as we know it,” Biden said during an event at the White House.
The initiative is personal for Biden, who lost his son Beau to brain cancer in 2015 and who first launched the initiative as vice president.
“I committed to this fight when I was vice president,” Biden said Wednesday. “It’s one of the reasons why quite frankly why I ran for president. Let there be no doubt, now that I am president, this is a presidential, White House priority. Period.”

It’s such a priority he forgot to mention it until into his second year of the presidency, when he’d failed on all of his prior priorities and needed something new to fail at.
And what is his plan?
A new bureaucracy.


He said in the speech that Ron Klain wrote for him that this “Cancer Cabinet” would be staffed with… members of his regular cabinet.
So it’s literally just a reshuffling of the organizational chart. They’re just putting the words “Cancer Cabinet” at the top of the corkboard every Thursday.
You know, thanks to Biden’s lockdown and the mass firings of healthcare staff due to vaccine mandates, resulting in staff shortages, people have not been able to get cancer diagnostic tests or treatments for two years.
I wonder what that’s going to do to cancer death rates.
Oh well if cancer doesn’t get diagnosed I guess it won’t show up in the statistics. There’s a win for you, Brandon!

More than 9.5 million cancer screenings were missed in the U.S. because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House said.”We have to get cancer screenings back on track,” Biden said. “And make sure they’re accessible to all Americans.”

Oh, he mentioned the obvious. But he did not say how he’d get them on track. Here’s a hint: End the mass firings of healthcare workers who are unvaccinated. Start with those who already have had covid. Stop the anti-science voodoo superstition that covid is the first virus in history that does not provide natural immunity to those who recover from it.
Or nah, don’t do that, just form a new bureaucracy and have people shuffle Important Looking Papers back and forth to each other during Photo Ops.
The gang that can’t fix inflation or straighten out the cargo ship situation is going to cure cancer now. Okay.

28 All this is about having a list of “accomplishments” for the State of the Union. Black female justice nominated. COVID pandemic “over.” New “historic” effort to cure cancer. Etc. etc. Probably why we suddenly killed an ISIS bigwig.Posted by: Colorado Alex in Exile

It’s just resume-building for the SOTU. Not even resume building, as a resume is about stuff you did. This is about Vision-Board Future Resume Building.
BTW, on that “ISIS bigwig”? I’m observing a 72 hour rule.

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