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Covid: The Graveyard of Bureaucrat Nightmares.
Four blue state governors — apparently the only ones who matter (That’s Science!) — announced ends to statewide masking mandates. (They’ll continue allowing Karen Kounties to impose the mandates in accordance with Prevailing Local Karen Hysteria Levels.)
Even Noted Unmasked Bandit Kathy Hochul will allow her draconian mask mandate to expire, at least as regards businesses for sextugenarian adults such as herself. She’ll continue imposing it on schools, because she doesn’t go to schools so he doesn’t care, and also, because she’s a Fucking Witch.
Given this, Brandon now looks weak. Well, I mean– weak-er than he has looked. He’s not leading; governors even of his own party are now just ignoring his “leadership.”
So he’s convened this panel of Undisputed Experts, including Rachel Walensky and Anthony Fauci, to try to pretend he’s in charge again.


The Memo: Biden caught between CDC and Democratic governors on COVID-19(c) Associated Press/Alex Brandon
President Biden is being put in a difficult spot on COVID-19 — and this time he can thank Democratic-led states for the conundrum.
Four states, all of which have Democratic governors, have announced in recent days that they are going to lift mask mandates for schools. Separately, deep-blue California is going to end its policy of requiring vaccinated people to mask while indoors next week.
But the Biden administration has promised to follow the guidance of scientists, specifically those at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC has not yet issued any change to its guidance on masking.
That leaves Biden in a bind.
The White House risks looking overly cautious on restrictions if it sticks with the status quo — a dangerous political position in a nation that has grown frustrated and restless after two years of pandemic restrictions.
On the other hand, the White House doesn’t want to sound an all-clear that turns out to be premature.
It knows how dangerous that can be.

The article notes Brandon’s “Mission Accomplished” moment in May, when he prematurely declared victory over covid.
Though… that’s the progressive view. I don’t think it was premature. We should have ended all the Mask and Mandate Theater then. We should have ended them, in fact, before they began. They don’t work, they never have worked, there is literally not a single study showing that they work, and we’re all sick of living lives of pantomime just to reassure hysterical, mentally-ill Karens.
But Brandon doesn’t want to ever give the go to end Mask and Mandate Theater.

As to whether or when the administration’s position would change, Psaki responded: “You’ll have to ask the CDC. The CDC moves at the pace of data and science.”Even public health experts understand the political dilemma that the president and his aides are in.
I think there is a huge political risk to the CDC and the White House,” Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University professor and expert on global health law, told this column.

At least they’re thinking about public health and science first, right?
(Thanks to golfman for catching that.)

“Already you are seeing a large swath of public opinion opposing CDC ‘dictating’ mandates. They see the case numbers plummeting and they see Democratic governors lifting mandates. There is enormous political peril for the White House.”
Yet, at the same time, Gostin and others in public health understand the need to tread warily. The professor said that he believes it is premature to make sweeping changes to mandates, whether for children or the population at large.

In other words, the same people who urged these useless and in fact harmful policies do not want to end these useless and in fact harmful policies.
Why that doesn’t sound anything like the Centralized State Planning I know!!!

…”If I were a governor I’d say, ‘We are really optimistic that all of these trappings of the pandemic that are affecting your life and have made you unhappy for so long are going to be lifted. But not until we have assurances that the case rate is going to go down and stay low, the hospitals are going to be at normal capacity and we are going to have effective life-saving treatments widely available. Just hold on,’ ” he said.The problem, for governors and perhaps for the president too, is that “just hold on” may no longer be a sellable political message.

But that is exactly what Brandon’s Trio of Imbeciles did: They said “Just Hold On, and Just Keeping Doing Everything We’ve Been Telling You to Do For Two Fucking Years Already.”

They actually called a snap press conference to tell you to… get boosted.

Screenshot (1463).png

And then to claim that Brandon’s “covid plan is working.”

It’s working so well we’ll have to continue wearing masks into the foreseeable future.

We’ll have plenty of vaccinations for the population which has practically zero risk from covid:

Devon Heinen @DevonHeinen#BREAKING
WH #COVID19 Response Tm & public-health officials presser: (WH COVID-19 Response Coord #JeffZients — taking Qs) Says re: vax for kids under 5: There is enough vax supply for shots to go into arms once vax gets gov’t approval.

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