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by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Upon further investigation that was inspired by Sasha Latypova’s comments in an article published yesterday…

The Covid-19 vaccines have been at the centre of a heated debate since their introduction, with many questions and concerns raised about their safety and effectiveness.

Speculation has also been rife that the Covid-19 injections may contain traces of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance.

Medicine regulators, with the support of the Mainstream Media, have repeatedly denied these claims.

But they were lying to you.

…a deeper dive was performed today on the issue of Graphene Oxide contained in these slow kill bioweapon “vaccines.” What was discovered is for more devastating then any of the alleged Graphene Oxide claims.

The Pfizer study that the FDA attempted to hide away for 75 years, but by order of a US Federal court was ordered not to coverup, did refer to Graphene Oxide. But this was an exceedingly minor point where Graphene Oxide was used in electron microscopy; in fact, Graphene Oxide has nothing to do with vaccine production whatsoever.

Sasha Latypova was absolutely correct that the FDA study had nothing to do with using Graphene Oxide in vaccine production, but she was wrong about Graphene Oxide not being used in the vaccine production as the rest of the above article proved.

In other words, while the FDA study in question did not examine Graphene Oxide, we have sufficient evidence to establish that Graphene Oxide is in fact present in many, if not all, of the “vaccine” lots.

However, what the FDA study did show was far DEADLIER information than the claimed use of Graphene Oxide.

Pfizer claimed that their modified version of the Spike Protein is unable enter the cell; hence, it can not cause disease.

The way in which Pfizer modified the Spike Protein by inserting two prolines (an amino acid) resulted in the exact opposite of what Pfizer, and then the FDA claimed; namely, sufficient amounts of Spike Proteins did in fact enter and infect the cells while also residing on cell surfaces resulting in the worst of all possible worlds!

The cell surface Spike Proteins would clump together with other prions, thus forming fibrils which are the very dangerous building blocks of Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as other neurodegenerative afflictions.

Additionally, some of the modified Spike Proteins also infected the cells causing Spike Protein diseases that the FDA claimed would never occur, despite being in possession of a study that explicitly showed that the exact opposite was true.

The FDA lied, and people died.

This was all deliberately manufactured in bioterror labs operating out of the University of North Carolina to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to illicit Ukrainian facilities, and was ultimately developed and weaponized by the Pentagon, DoD and various other unconstitutional Federal agencies that all serve the One World Government agenda.

A researcher and doctor who shall remain anonymous added more granularity:

I am using the same methodology: electron and cryo-electron microscopies, and there the Graphene is just the covering of a part of the measurement setup. (2SG note: the sample is placed in ice, and underneath resides a graphene layer that stabilizes the setup that allows one to perform electron microscope scans.)

It has really nothing to do with the production / manufacturing of the “vaccine.”

The whole Pfizer study, however, shows a very, very sloppy approach to biophysical hence, real-life behavior of the produced S-protein (“P2 S” because of two Proline amino acids substituted in the original viral Spike).

That is the real scandal in that study: it clearly shows, that despite the pusher narrative, the produced P2 S protein is in fact similar in effector functions to the viral Spike protein. The vaccine pushers’ arguments start with “vaccine S-protein” is totally different, a harmless version of the viral S-protein. The Pfizer study shows that this is not the case (along with two other previous biophysics journal articles). There are two properties of the produced P2 S-protein that should in principle, make it behave differently:

a) the two Proline substitutions (they are at the stack and just make the protein more stable, they have no effect on the toxic properties which remain the same)

b) the claim that the produced P2 S is in the so-called “prefusion conformation” and is fixed, therefore it cannot exert any effect even if it meets its cell membrane receptor, the angiotensin convertase II enzyme.

Well, what the study shows is that “a proportion” of the so produced P2 S is in prefusion conformation. They themselves show however in the very same study, that it is not fixed and this proportion is constantly changing.

So, at the end of the day produced P2 S “vaccine” protein equals viral S-protein with every toxic effect and every possibility to enter the cell, then using the PRRASV nuclear transport sequence, to arrive to the inside of the cell nucleus.

This is a most horrifying conclusion that proves that the DEATHVAX™ P2 S mechanism is far deadlier than any presence of the cytotoxic Graphene Oxide.

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