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Daily Beast;

While it is certain that few or none of these women and girls volunteered to join up with the insurgents, it is likely that the experience of captivity and of marriage, forced or not, and then of motherhood, will have had a profound effect on the psyches of some of them. “Brainwashing” and “the Stockholm syndrome” are pale concepts compared to what they have been through.

And recent events suggest that some women in Boko Haram custody may feel a fierce commitment to the insurgents.

During the battle at Sambisa, some women shot at their rescuers and were killed. Boko Haram used them as an armed human shield for its main fighting force.

Soldiers who spoke with The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity said they were shocked when women opened fire on troops who had come to rescue them last week. The women killed seven soldiers and 12 of the women were killed, they said.

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