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Faye Higbee:

Who are the real trespassers in the confrontation on Bundy land in Nevada? Is the BLM killing the “trespass cattle” in Nevada?  Questions are compounding as violence broke out Wednesday. Supporters and family members confronted rangers who tried to block the roadway. Eventually they left, but not until violence broke loose.

nevada rancher

Ammon Bundy was tased by a BLM ranger on Wednesday.

 Violence breaks out

On Wednesday, an altercation with the Bundy family and supporters resulted in the tasing of Clive Bundy’s son Ammon, and Clive’s sister  Margaret Houston, 57, who has cancer, being shoved to the ground. Another woman, one who is pregnant, had a BLM K-9  lung at her. Militia groups have started to arrive, as well as other citizens who are incensed at the government’s treatment of a cattle rancher. The situation has increased tension on both sides.


“This is the road I grew up on. I saw my aunt get thrown to the ground. I saw my cousin get hit 3 times by a taser.” A Bundy family member became visibly upset at the government’s handling of his family.

“Go BLM! Go BLM!” the crowd chanted, as the rangers climbed back in their trucks and withdrew from the volatile situation.

We have to wonder if the BLM rangers are asking themselves why they are there, as pregnant women and sick women confront them, demanding to know if they are going to kill the cows. In one of the videos you can hear a woman crying out to save her “baby calves.”

A Bundy family member stated Thursday that they did not know for certain, but were advised if the rangers couldn’t get the cows to move, they would be shot. The BLM rangers have brought in backhoes…why? The BLM has made a deal with a local auction house to sell any of the “trespass cattle” found grazing on “public” lands… a deal reportedly for $300,000. They have spent far more than that in their penchant to intimidate the Bundy family in the first place.

No court order gives the government the right to destroy cattle in the pursuit of grazing fees.

The Tortoise

When the law on endangered species went into effect, the funds from rancher grazing fees were to be used by the BLM to assist ranchers in protecting the Desert Tortoise. The “Rules” for grazing fees also included the demand that ranchers only have 150 head of cattle on the public lands. However, that “rule” is not financially feasible for any rancher who raises cattle for food. The grazing fees were being used against the ranchers, to buy out their land instead, so Mr. Bundy stopped paying the fees. His permit to graze was revoked in 1994.

Nobody really cares about the tortoises. It’s about control.

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