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Jim Hoft:

You just knew this was coming…
Liberal crank Bill Maher accuses CBS reporter of racism for asking Obama about US hostages in Iran.

On Wednesday Barack Obama lashed out at CBS reporter Major Garrett.
This was after Garrett asked the president about the four Americans he left behind to languish in Iranian prisons.

iran prison americans
Former Marine Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini and Vahid Salemi are being held in Iranian prisons. (Breitbart)

Obama was defending his nuclear deal with Iran when he called on Garrett.
The president did not like it that he was asked about the American hostages held by Iran.

Obama: I got to give you credit Major for how you craft those questions. the notion that I’m content as I celebrate with American citizens languishing in Iranian jails. … Major, that’s nonsense and you should know better.

Of course, that is exactly what he did.
The Obama administration did nothing to free American hostages during their talks with the Iranian regime.


In response to the question, Bill Maher accused Major Garrett of being a racist “a$$hole”.
Because you’re racist if you ask Obama a direct question on his foolish policies.

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