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CTH begins every outline of the ongoing Durham investigation with the following disclaimer:  How is John Durham going to reveal everything that is possible about the deep state Trump targeting operation, and simultaneously handle the involvement of Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann and the Special Counsel team who were specifically appointed to cover it up?
The short answer is, Durham can’t. The ramifications would collapse the U.S. government; yes, all three collaborating branches.
As a consequence, some of these revelations are only valuable insofar as they will be needed by historians who look upon the scattered rubble of this once great republic and seek to explain to future generations how it all went wrong.  [How the Fourth Branch of Government was created].
In a court filing late yesterday [Read Filing Here] special counsel John Durham dropped an explosive point into the public psyche.  Durham confirms that an outside government contractor, controlled by Hillary Clinton aligned “tech executive-1” Rodney Joffe, had access to conduct electronic surveillance and spying operations into the Executive Office of The President of the United States (EOP).
Tech Executive-1 is Rodney Joffe who worked with a federal cyber contractor called Neustar.

While the surveillance and spying operation against Donald Trump is likely not a revelation to many people here, it will be quite a shock for some to see the direct admission in a public court filing.   The eye-opening part is the contractor access to conduct surveillance of Trump extended into his actual presidency as the “Office of the President” was being monitored by outside agents.

Of course, the legacy media (New York Times, Politico, Washington Post, et al) will have to ignore these surveillance revelations because they so vehemently denied anyone connected to government spying on Trump it in all years past.
If you want to dig into the details of this filing, I would recommend a review of TechnoFog’s outline HERE.
The obvious question is: If Rodney Joffe is spying on the office of the president, why hasn’t he been indicted?
Unfortunately, the most likely answer starts to get into that circular silo crap we have often discussed.  The feds will say they were worried about Trump as a Russian asset as he came into office, so they used extreme sensitive measures to monitor him.  Rodney Joffe will say he used his access to the DNS system of the president because the feds asked him to monitor the office of the President… and you are back in that investigative circular chase that goes nowhere…. until someone says, “mistakes were made.”
I’m sure a lot of deep weeds walkers will get into even more detail about this specific filing.  We’ll share the good ones and check them out.

In the interim, what’s interesting to me is a little question I have always asked for years about this surveillance set up as it starts to surface.  A few years ago, when discussing the Crowdstrike stuff, DNC hack, emails to Wikileaks etc….
… I always said there were just small glances, flickers of evidence, stuff in the background, that seemed to indicate the Clinton campaign had some kind of direct access point, a portal per se, into the government database.  The Clinton crew just seemed to have direct access to information that wasn’t coming from a leak, but rather from their ability to extract government data on their own.
The most obvious reason for this suspicion was the absence of an inside government broker relaying information to the Clinton crew.  Sure, they had boatloads of allies in the Intel Community, CIA, DoD, State Dept, DOJ, FBI and Deep State writ large, but they also seemed to be able to have information that couldn’t be attributed to reception from a government insider.
The Clinton crew had info that didn’t come from a leak.  The Clinton crew had info that was direct.

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