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By Dana Loesch

We were told all of last year that eating out was akin to killing grandparents and attending church was a “super spreader” event. Many things conveniently changed on inauguration day, including Democrats’s prevailing belief in lockdowns and masks. So imagine our surprise when President Biden attended mass and then went to get bagels and the lockdown left didn’t call him a grandma killer.

Four days after Inauguration Day, the president attended Mass on Sunday at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown and then his motorcade made a stop at the deli Call Your Mother.

Biden waved to a crowd of cheering onlookers near the bagel shop at 35th and O streets NW but didn’t exit the vehicle.

Call Your Mother called the president’s visit “a great Sunday surprise.”

“Thrilled to have an admin again who will love all that DC has to offer — starting with sesame bagels!! Come back anytime,” they said in a tweet.

Call Your Mother staff declined to say what the president and his staff selected but said a Secret Service agent placed “a very long order.”

Hunter Biden, the president’s son, stood at the deli’s window for several minutes to pick up the takeout, the president’s press pool reported.

I’m happy that the bagel shop got some business, I only wish other businesses could open similarly without being tarred and feathered (or fined and arrested) for doing so. I also support Biden venturing out and showing Americans (Democrats, really) that it is fine to go to church and stop for bagels.

Had Trump done this, the press would’ve called him a murderer. (They kind of already did.)

Many of Biden’s defenders brush off the question on consistency by saying “it was just take out.”

I wrote about a similar illogical argument last April:

For those maligning business owners as murderous monsters because they simply want to pay their bills consider this — certain businesses were declared essential: Food delivery is essential but cancer treatment isn’t. So you’re fine with risking the lives of delivery drivers to avoid picking up your pizza yourself? Is it acceptable to risk the lives of restaurant staff because you don’t want to make your own food? Is it acceptable to risk the lives and health stability of cancer patients as well as the livelihood of medical staff being furloughed around the country to demonstrate a devotion to saving lives? If you want to discuss murkiness of intent, this is it. By declaring that some people are essential, haven’t you already decided that some lives are expendable? Is it OK to risk some lives for your convenience? This makes you better how? I find that truly callous — necessity and essentialness are defined by what works for them, not the people for whom they claim to care. At least be honest about it.

I’ve opposed lockdowns from the start, not because of politics, but because I like science and reason. Biden’s defenders here are new to supporting reopening. Around 60% of the businesses closed during lockdown will never reopen.

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