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“The Threatysburg Address,” commenter “…” calls it.
Even CNN had a problem with it:

Brianna Keilar
@brikeilarcnnWhatever you think of this speech the military is supposed to be apolitical. Positioning Marines in uniform behind President Biden for a political speech flies in the face of that. It’s wrong when Democrats do it. It’s wrong when Republicans do it.

But this Fancy Man, a “former Obama guy,” defended the use of the Marines, to send a signal that Biden means solemn war:

@BFriedmanDC when you are defending democracy in the face of anti-american fascism, you can use marines

Bonhomme says this “former Obama guy” was even more explicit in a subsequent tweet threatening to sic the military on his former fellow Americans:

@BFriedmanDC you don’t get to attempt to overthrow a free and fair election, storm the u.s. capitol, threaten 2nd amendment solutions at every turn, follow a traitorous leader who’s about to be charged with espionage and *then* complain about the u.s. military being used against you

I don’t?
As predicted, Joe Biden laid the predicate justification for his violent antifa allies to attack, beat, and kill conservatives.
He dog-whistled for violence against his political opponents, giving the Go Code to his own “Boogaloo” troopers, while claiming that his opponents are the violent ones.
He is engaging in what his leftist allies now call “stochastic terrorism:”

While the exact definition has morphed over time, it has commonly come to refer to a concept whereby consistently demonizing or dehumanizing a targeted group or individual results in violence that is statistically likely, but cannot be easily accurately predicted.

From Wikipedia, on “Lone Wolf Attacks.”
He refuses, as usual, to tell his own Street Paramilitaries to stop, for example, firebombing pro-life pregnancy crisis clinics.
This is disgusting — and dangerous. And he intends it to be dangerous.
If the left can’t win clean, they’ll win bloody.
Last week, antifa showed up at a drag show with rifles to “defend the drag queens.”
They had a rifle-armed sniper positioned on third story rooftop.
The cops permitted this.
Biden says nothing to his antifa paramilitaries.
He says they’re a “myth” so he does not have to denounce them. He provides cover and succor to them.
This is antifa. This isn’t the Proud Boys. This isn’t MAGA Forces.


Joe Biden and the Antifa Media provide cover and air support for their street paramilitaries.
Below: This is antifa again. This isn’t “right-wing January 6th Insurrectionists.” These are the antifa paramilitaries the leftwing propaganda media defends. Chris Cuomo, for example, explicitly defended antifa violence on CNN by stating that “not all punches are created equal.” Some unprovoked attacks on law-abiding citizens are righteous blows for freedom.
I assume he would say the same thing about not all bullets being created equal.

Below: That’s an antifa sniper on the rooftop. Antifa admits it and brags about it, calling anyone who makes note of it a snowflake fascist.
Antifa is perched at high positions with rifles in Texas like Charles Whitman, and you’re a fascist pissbaby for even noticing.
Joe Biden sure doesn’t notice. These are his allies. They will help him “fight for the soul of the country.”
I don’t see any cops or FBI agents taking an interest in these Domestic Violent Extremists.

Kris Cruz
@realKrisCruz Armed #Antifa showed up in Roanoke, TX to protect the”kid friendly” drag show at this bar. Armed #Antifa escorted attendees to the vehicles. I counted about 9 AR-15s.

Andy Ngo
@MrAndyNgo Today a group of armed #Antifa members came to Roanoke, TX to support a drag queen event. The local chapter of the John Brown Gun Club, an #Antifa militia linked to domestic terrorism, led the call to direct action. It is headed by Christopher Guillott & Garrett Lee.

Joe Biden just told these people that you were terrorists that had to be “fought” to “save democracy.”

Andy Ngo
@MrAndyNgo A 22-year-old woman & recent graduate of @UNTsocial details how #Antifa & far-left extremists tied to terrorist groups threatened her for organizing conservative events in north Texas. Antifa also threatened her parents after she refused to self-censor.
Link to Human Events Article, headline below
Meet the Woman Antifa Militants View as One of the Biggest Threats in Texas
Antifa and the far-left here have sought to intimidate me into silence by doxxing me and my family, and threatening me with violence and even death.
Andy Ng
Christopher Guillott is revealed to be a leader of #Antifa group Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club (@EFJBGC) in Denton, Texas. He directed comrades to target the woman. A member of the group’s Washington state chapter died carrying out a terror attack in 2019.

If you want to see the sexual abuse of children that this Domestic Terrorist cell of antifa was defending, go to SC Reviews, here. Most copies of this video have been removed from the internet either due to a copyright claim or because the children’s faces aren’t blurred out.
No police, no FBI. No mention from Joe Biden, who claims he’s against political violence.
Except political violence from his street paramilitaries on the left, against his political enemies on the right.

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