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Sam Brinton (“they/them”), had some “pretty BIG news” for his friends and followers on LinkedIn recently: “I have accepted the offer to serve as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy. In this role I’ll be doing what I always dreamed of doing, leading the effort to solve the nation’s nuclear waste challenges.” Brinton also noted proudly that he would “even be (to my knowledge) the first gender fluid person in federal government leadership.” He is much more than that. He is, to the best of my knowledge, the first drag queen and the first person to discuss his affinity for sex with animals to hold an office of the public trust.
Brinton identifies himself on his LinkedIn page as “Solving the World’s #NuclearWaste Challenges and Protecting LGBTQ Youth from #ConversionTherapy.” He combines these two concerns in his drag queen persona, “Sister Ray Dee O’Active,” in which guise he says: “I am the slutty one. And the nerdy one. #sexynerd.” He has also combined his life’s preoccupations in previous government work, according to the bio he provided to the “LGBTQ Religious Archives Network”: “Sam has worn his stilettos to Congress to advise legislators about nuclear policy and to the White House where he advised President Obama and Michelle Obama on LGBT issues.”

Brinton is also involved in “puppy play,” which apparently involves grown men putting on dog masks and behaving like animals for sexual kicks. In a 2016 article in Metro Weekly, a man named Sam, with no last name given, is interviewed at length; an accompanying photo makes it clear that Sam is Sam Brinton. Brinton is identified in the article as a “handler” of the men pretending to be puppies, and explains: “It’s the concept of the teacher and nurturer…. My job is to make sure that while he’s in headspace, I’m keeping him safe.” He says of one of his companions in this bizarre role-playing: “Pup and I have what I feel is one of the most ideally perfect connections between our personal and kink life. Both of us have other partners, so we come into this space, and then we come out of it, knowing the boundaries of where your kink and non-kink relationships begin and end.” Yeah, good to know.
In the same article, Brinton explains some of the difficulties inherent in this game: “I actually have trouble when we transition from pup play to having sex. Like, ‘No, I can’t have you whimper like that when we’re having sex,’ because I don’t want to mix that world. It’s interesting, because he doesn’t have to come out of pup mode to have me f**k him. I personally have to bring him out of pup perception for me. But then I’m still treating him as a submissive to me.”
Brinton also defends the concept against those strait-laced normies who might object to the whole idea: “One of the hardest things about being a handler is that I’ve honestly had people ask, ‘Wait, you have sex with animals?’ They believe it’s abusive, that it’s taking advantage of someone who may not be acting up to a level of human responsibility … The other misperception is that I have some really messed up background, like, did I have some horrible childhood trauma that made me like to have sex with animals.”

Brinton’s appointment to the Department of Energy makes it clear if it weren’t already: the LGBTQ “community” and its allies on the Left aren’t just after tolerance and peaceful coexistence but are determined to force Americans to treat behavior such as what Brinton indulges in and celebrates as completely normal. Anyone who dares to say that there is anything wrong or destructive about his lifestyle will be excoriated as “homophobic” and whatever the new phobia of the day is, and everyone at the Department of Energy will have to pretend that Brinton prancing around in his stilettos is perfectly normal, and take him seriously as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, or face professional and possibly even personal ruin.
Meanwhile, imagine what they’ll think in Moscow and Beijing when they see the pictures of Brinton his “puppy” pals.

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