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by Debra Heine

The Biden government has released over 7,000 COVID positive illegal immigrants into the city of McAllen, Texas since mid February of 2021—including over 1,500 infected migrants in just the past week, Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported on Wednesday.
“Despite the City of McAllen and its community partners’ best efforts, the sheer number of immigrants being released into the city has become a crisis: a crisis the City of McAllen did not create and has proactively tried to avoid for seven years,” the city said in a statement.

McAllen set up a temporary emergency shelter Tuesday night in response to the massive influx of migrants who were left stranded in the city by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
According to Melugin, the city said the federal government is releasing “an alarming number of immigrants” into McAllen, and the feds aren’t testing them for COVID.

Migrants reportedly began to arrive at the shelter Wednesday afternoon.


On Monday, Melugin reported on Twitter that Border Patrol was dropping off busloads of migrants at the Catholic Charities facility in downtown McAllen all day long. After being given food and shelter, the migrants are then bussed or flown into the interior of the country, he reported.

After crossing the border illegally, the migrants actually seek out Border Patrol because they know they will be given food and shelter and released into the country.

According to, a McAllen hotel has been set up to house illegal aliens with COVID-19.
Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order last week allowing troopers to stop vehicles suspected of carrying illegal immigrants over fears they could spread COVID-19, but a federal judge on Tuesday blocked it.

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