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by Elle Reynolds

“Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?”
That’s apparently what Joe Biden wants to know, while he and the rest of his administration do their best to make sure you’re paying even more every time you fill up the tank.

Biden’s latest play is a plan to block oil and gas drilling within 10 miles of New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon, citing the canyon’s cultural significance for local American Indian groups. Chaco Canyon National Historic Park is roughly 30,000 acres.


But banning oil and gas leases near Chaco Canyon is only the most recent in a long list of moves by the Biden administration that will hurt you at the pump.
Targeting American Pipelines

On his first day in the White House, Biden pulled the permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, leading to the project’s termination in June. Meanwhile, Biden green-lighted the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a project of Putin-affiliated Matthias Warnig.

Earlier this month, Biden’s Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre signaled that the administration was preparing to target another pipeline: Michigan’s Line 5.
“The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing an environmental impact to look through this,” Jean-Pierre said last week. Line 5 provides 65 percent of propane demand to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and 55 percent of propane for the entire state.
Fueling Inflation

Consumer prices jumped by 6.2 percent in October compared to a year before, the most staggering inflation hike Americans have seen in 30 years. Meanwhile, in the same one-year period, producer prices grew by 8.6 percent.

The Biden administration has continued to try pumping more money into the economy with multitrillion-dollar social spending plans, while the market wobbles under a growing supply chain crisis due in large part to Democrats’ attempts to shut down the economy for months.
Mandating Vaccines

Biden’s coercive press release-turned-bureaucratic mandate forcing companies with 100 or more employees to require the COVID-19 shot has caused staffing shortages across industries, exacerbating supply and production crises nearly everywhere.


“American frackers, already struggling to hire enough workers, are concerned that the coming U.S. vaccine mandate will worsen the situation at a time of rising oil and gas prices,” reported the Wall Street Journal in September.

Federalizing Land to Ban Energy Production

After using promises to end drilling on federal land as a campaign issue, Biden signed executive orders on his first week in office directing the interior secretary to stop any new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

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