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by Roger L. Simon

Do 36 Democrat House members calling for Joe Biden to relinquish sole authority over the nuclear code know something we don’t know?

Not in the slightest!

The idea of a man who couldn’t remember what state he is in (figuratively and literally), who refused to take a cognitive test so normative most sixth graders could pass it, who plagiarized in law school but still graduated at the bottom of his class (it wasn’t Harvard), who was the only person in the room that voted against assassinating Bin Laden, who makes so many gaffes nobody even notices anymore (certainly not the press), making such an epochal decision by himself is, well, mortifying (check the derivation of that word).

Maybe he could call a “lid” on nuclear war, give himself some time…

And this is all without bringing up the unfortunate remark from former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ memoir that Joe Biden never got anything right on foreign policy during his entire career.

So maybe those House members have a point. It’s time to let those nukes loose by committee, be democratic, as it were, with a small d, or, in their cases, a capital one, as in Democratic.

The problem is, however, who should be on this committee? Who in today’s Democratic Party would you trust with the nuclear code?

The governors of their two most populous states—Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom—assuming they haven’t been recalled for charges ranging from sexual assault to murdering senior citizens in retirement homes?

Adam Schiff? Jerrold Nadler?

And considering “diversity” is such a religion for the Democrats, at least one of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have to get a vote. (Be still, Benjamin Netanyahu! Your country’s expendable.)

Further, they would have to have someone from the military, someone who knows what’s what. Where is General Buck Turgidson from “Dr. Strangelove” when we need him?

“BUCK: [on phone from War Room] Well, look baby, I can’t, can’t talk to you now, but… My president needs me. Of course Bucky would rather be there with you. Of course it isn’t only physical. I deeply respect you as a human being. Someday I’m gonna make you Mrs. Buck Turgidson. Listen, you go back to sleep. Bucky’ll be back there just as soon as he can. All right? Listen, sug’, don’t forget to say your prayers.”

You get the picture. In modern parlance, the optics aren’t great.

But no matter. As we all know, Donald Trump had the nuclear code by himself and he’s worse, much worse.

Oh, wait. Trump was the first president in memory who didn’t get us into a war.

Not funny, huh?

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