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by Ace

Unfortunately, we don’t have video for this (yet). Just the audio.
So it’ll have to be the audio we run in coast-to-coast campaign commercials.

Pretty damning. I wonder what kind of a nonce-adjacent hack the left will drag out to defend this…?
Right. So here’s Brian Stelter, delivering the most implausible leftwing spin imaginable.

Listening to the clip is more useful than reading the quote since it makes clear that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel was exaggerating for effect. The crowd laughs. She said it during a civil-rights conference in Lansing in the course of criticizing Republicans for turning LGBT issues in schools (e.g., “don’t say gay”) into “wedge issues.” Her point is that drag queens aren’t menacing predators, they’re just performers. Essentially comic performers at that.

Wait, wait, wait, I’m just getting it over Soledad O’Brien’s Earpiece, that was actually not the comical leftwing propagandist Brian Stelter, that was the lead writer of the supposedly “conservative” blog Hot Air, AllahPundit, once again putting together a highlight reel for his next employer at The Bulwark, the Daily Beast, or Media Matters.
For reference, Hot Air is owned by alleged”conservative” media conglomerate Salem Media, and bills itself “news and commentary from a conservative point of view.”
Ahem. So where do we start with this Stelter-By-Proxy propaganda that a “drag queen in every school” was just a joke and that Michigan’s AG didn’t mean it, bigots?
1, people laugh at Trump’s lines. That doesn’t mean they don’t agree. In fact, it generally means they do agree.
2, the fact that the joke contains exaggeration does not mean people don’t agree with the point being made. I don’t think I tell virtually any jokes which do not contain exaggeration. Yet I mean everything I say (well, the main point, anyway).
3, The fact they agree that drag performers are “just performers” who are “comedic performers at that” means that they agree with the proposition that there’s no reason for them not to be in every school, and as they teach “tolerance,” why, they should be in every school.
So he’s lying again, and once again spinning like a top for the hard groomer left.
As he’s previously spun for them before, in defending, for example, explicitly illustrated gay porn books like Gender Queer in school libraries, while repeatedly pretending that conservative parents at school board meetings were just being Ignorantly Racist Hillbilly Hicks and objecting to Toni Morrison’s Beloved.
To this day, I don’t think the words Gender Queer have crossed his Apple MacBook keyboard.
Further proof this is seriously meant: Every other Democrat is saying pretty much the same thing.
NYC Mayor Eric Adams: Let us praise our True Storytellers, our Drag Queen Story Hour bards.

The Miami Herald argues that parental choice must include the state forcing drag queens into the schools against the wishes of parents:

There was a time when the only places queer people could congregate and drag queens could perform their female impersonations and lip syncing were seedy bars and nightclubs on the margins of mainstream society. Today, drag queens are on TV, thanks to shows such as “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” social media and pop culture. Drag Sunday brunches and drag bingo are popular fixtures in South Florida. Turns out that hurts the sensibilities of some Republicans.

Speaking of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Nancy Pelosi just appeared there to declare “Drag is what America is all about!”
Quite similar to AllahPundit’s fellow traveler David French’s line about drag queen story hours being “a blessing of liberty.”
So with all of these Democrats declaring that Drag Queens in our schools are The Last Troubadours, where does AllahPundit get off claiming that the gay Michigan AG’s declaration that “everything is better with drag queens” and urging of “a drag queen in every school” was merely “exaggerating for effect” and “joking”?
Easy: He’s a leftwing Democrat propagandist and will say anything to advance the leftwing Democrat line.
And to attack conservatives, of course.
Is Salem Media really going to keep this pro-CRT, pro-gay-porn-in-school-libraries, pro-drag-in-schools prog groomer on its “conservative” blog? If they love this broken shitlib alkie so much, why don’t they spin him off his own liberal noncey Blessings of Liberty log where he can push CRT and drag queens in schools and transgenderism taught to kindergardeners and the rest of what is obviously the preferred politics of the Salem Media corporate boardroom ?
Hey, I’ve got a perfect name for the blog:

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Because, see, AllahPundit, continues insisting that the outrage by parents at schoolboard meetings was over Beloved by Toni Morrison, rather than about Gender Queer and Lawn Boy.
Because he lies for the left and refuses to admit that the right ever has a point.
He literally hates the actual right. Like almost all of the NeverTrumpers. He hates the actual right.
The neocons — really, the neoliberals — enjoyed controlling the right and diverting and perverting the right into supporting a neoliberal/neocon agenda — they thought themselves heroes for this; they both accumulated support for a politics they (wrongly) thought was noble and good, and also stole support away from a politics (the politics of the actual right) they thought was ignorant, cruel, corrupt, bigoted, stupid, and ignoble.

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