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Jason Howerton @ The Blaze:

During the “Buried Lead” segment of his CNN show, Jake Tapper shed light on the concerning situation brewing in Colorado, where Fox News investigative journalist Jana Winter is facing prison time for refusing to give up her confidential sources. Tapper in particular wanted to know: “Where is the public outrage?”

Citing anonymous law enforcement sources, Winter in July 2012 reported that Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes gave his psychiatrist a notebook outlining how he planned to “kill people” prior to his killing spree.

“This was a huge scoop, and clearly of public interest. It raised key questions: did the system fail the victims of the Aurora shooting? What exactly happened? Winter’s scoop helped provide a check on those in power who do not always like to talk about ways in which the system – and they – failed,” Tapper writes on “The Lead” blog.

He makes a good point. Last Thursday, court documents also revealed the same psychiatrist told campus police that Holmes was suicidal — more than a month before the attack. “Yet instead of a focus on how the system failed, we’re talking about whether Winter should go to jail for reporting on Holmes’s journal, which was found in a mail room after the attack,” Tapper writes.

One of Winter’s friends reportedly told CNN, “She does not want to go to jail but is prepared to. She will not ever give up her sources and this whole ordeal has been very stressful.”

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