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The theory of “trans genocide” is an unfounded conspiracy theory that suggests that transgender people face systematic violence, persecution, and extermination. This theory, which has been debunked by FBI statistics, can have dangerous consequences if taken seriously by the transgender community. The question is, has it already?
In light of the recent shooting at The Covenant School, a private Christian grade school in Tennessee, I can’t help but wonder. The shooter, identified as 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale, was a biological woman who identified as transgender. While a motive for the shooting has not been released, some have suggested that her transgender identity may have played a role.
This week, a national group called Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) planned a “Day of Vengeance” to stop the so-called “trans genocide.” We’ve discussed the link between transgenderism and mental illness here at PJ Media before. As such, it seems necessary to ask the question of whether young transgender people are being radicalized by the LGBTQ movement and whether the “trans genocide” conspiracy theory is being used to incite fear and anger among transgender individuals, leading some to resort to violence in self-defense or retribution.
In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile shootings carried out by transgender-identifying young people. In 2018, a shooting occurred outside a Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen, Md., resulting in the death of four individuals. The shooter was later identified as a 26-year-old woman who identified as a man. While her motives for the attack remained unclear, reports indicated that she had been grappling with mental illness and gender identity struggles for an extended period of time.
The following year, two teenagers, one boy and a girl who was in the process of transitioning, shot up a STEM school in Highlands Ranch, Colo., just outside of Denver. The shooting left one student dead and eight others injured. There may have been more casualties had it not been for one brave student who charged at one of the shooters. The mastermind of the shooting was the transgender student. “According to the plan, no one was going to [survive],” she testified. According to her, the plan was to have the students line up and the shooters execute them.

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