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Well, this is interesting.  The substance of the latest information is better read by reviewing the presentation of John Solomon [SEE HERE].

The dynamic that catches my interest is how some unknown and unnamed officials inside the FBI apparently kept memos and emails between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok hidden while Inspector General Michael Horowitz was conducting his prior investigation into their conduct during the Clinton email investigation:

[…]  Memos the FBI is now producing to the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general and multiple Senate and House committees offer what sources involved in the production, review or investigation describe to me as “damning” or “troubling” evidence.

They show Strzok and his counterintelligence team rushing in the fall of 2016 to find “derogatory” information from informants or a “pretext” to accelerate the probe and get a surveillance warrant on figures tied to the future president. (read more)

The motive for releasing them now seems unfortunately related to the current focus of the IG review which is focused on FISA abuse, and the likelihood the DOJ/FBI constructed an intelligence apparatus to target the Trump campaign: ie. “Spygate“.

CTH selects the word “unfortunately” because in our estimation the FISA investigation is institutionally constructed to go no-where.  The FISA system was/is set up to protect the interests of all government agents and operators who would utilize the surveillance tools.

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