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The media, of course, is only reporting that last bit. That federal officials began shooting tear gas at the Mostly Peaceful Insurrectionists.

They omit the part where the Insurrectionists were throwing flaming bags of garbage at the courthouse to set it on fire.

See antifa’s communications arm CNN, for example:

Portland mayor tear gassed after speaking with protesters on presence of federal agents

After speaking with protesters, as if that was the action that prompted the tear gas, rather than the Mostly Peaceful Arson.

Ted Wheeler was present to lead the insurrectionists/terrorists — wait, supposedly he was there to “listen” to them. So: He wasn’t there to lead them, but to take orders from them.

It’s time to abandon the federal courthouse, send Portland a bill for a constructive taking (a constructive taking occurs when a government deprives you of all use of a property but won’t admit it, because admitting it would require them to pay the people they stole the land from), and announce that the district courthouse will be relocated, permanently, to either the extreme eastern border of Oregon or, better yet, to Idaho, and that these cocksuckers can enjoy travelling seven fucking hours every time they have dealings with a federal court.

Forever. Not as a temporary measure. Forever, Portland cocksuckers will have to get on a Grayhound bus for all business with federal courts. And Portland leftwing cocksucker lawyers will have to relocate to the conservative-leaning sticks of the eastern Oregon forests or of blood-red Idaho.

Enjoy, insurrectionists!

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