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I’ve been working on a book about this past election titled Still Outta Feelings. It’s a follow-up to Straight Outta Feelings, which I wrote about the 2016 election. It’s good. Trust me.
I wrote a recap of the interminably large and long Democratic primary as part of the book. You know who never actually made it to any of the primary votes in 2020? The woman who is now a heartbeat away from the presidency.
Because last year seemed to have gone on for fifteen years, it’s easy to forget that Kamala Harris was so unpopular among Democrats that she never even made it out of 2019. She went from being what she smugly referred to as a “top tier” candidate in June of 2019 to not having enough money to make it past the first week of December that year.
Harris was such an awful candidate and so disliked by her own party that there were already grumblings about donors fleeing Harris’s campaign in early September of 2019, just weeks after reaching her apex. Here at the Briefing, we were already discussing her campaign’s “death watch” in early November.

Again, it was her own party that was abandoning her. Nutjob Marianne Williamson lasted longer than Harris.
Because nothing matters anymore and Joe Biden has the IQ of cheap vodka, he decided that the best person to back up his puppet presidency was the woman the Democrats couldn’t wait to get rid of less than a year earlier.
And because elections don’t mean anything anymore, these two nimrods made it into power.
Despite the media spin, this administration has been a disaster thus far and people are noticing it.
Stacey wrote a post yesterday detailing Harris’s ineptitude as vice president and the fact that not a lot of people think she’s going to be ready for the job we all know she’s going to end up with:

It is the extremes that are astonishing. When assessing likely voters with strong emotions one way or another, she is -15 on favorability and -10 on qualifications for the presidency. It is the high approval among Democrats that is keeping the top line around 50%. Only 25% of Republicans and 36% of independents believe Harris is qualified to assume the presidency. These numbers are a sharp contrast to the view of Vice President Mike Pence in April of 2017:

It’s not surprising that the concussed Dems are keeping her afloat. They’re working through the mother of all rationalizations these days. They began the 2020 cycle with a big, diverse, and relatively young field and they opted for the ancient white guy and one of their early rejects.
I’ve tried to explain for years that Democrats in California don’t have to be good at their jobs or even be good politicians to rise through the party ranks there. They merely have to meet the right money people early in their careers. That’s how Barbara Boxer, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris happen.

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