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Today was a wild day in DC.

Mike Pence did nothing to save the Republic, and Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and occupied it.

But did everything play out exactly how the media says it did?

That’s a question that many are asking after some “strange videos” and images have emerged.

This first video is a man who says that he witnessed “Antifa/BLM” being bused into the area with what he says was a “police escort.”

Folks claim this video shows police officers opening the gates and allowing people in. They use this video to argue that nobody “stormed” the Capitol.

This report claims DC law enforcement said many of the people “scaling” the Capitol were members of Antifa.

Here’s what political strategist Seth Weathers said:

And this next tweet backs that up.

Here are some photos that many people believe are Antifa, not Trump supporters:

They also have photos of a very organized-looking wall-climb.

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