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The never ending search for something to be offended by:

  • Guardian writer Raj Patel said the classic American dessert was born of slavery and colonialism
  • His article highlighted how apple trees had been brought to the west from Asia
  • He claims they were used as symbols of property by settlers who arrived in America, and forced indigenous people off their lands
  • Patel also took aim at the sugar crust, and even the gingham cloth an apple pie is traditionally cooled on   
  • But his opinion piece, first published last month, was widely mocked online  
  • One sarcastic tweeter claimed the piece was ‘going for gold in the oppression olympics’
  • Another joked that apple pie was also ‘glutenist’ and discriminated against people with wheat intolerances  

This is the idiot

Food writer Raj Patel (pictured) claimed the all-American dessert was born of colonialism and slavery, after highlighting how apples had first arrived in the west from central Asia 4,000 years ago

More coverage of this idiocy at The Daily Mail

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