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by Emerald Robinson

Congratulations to the Biden regime — and to America’s national security state which installed Joe Biden in the White House — for convincing 71% of Americans that our elections are rigged!
Well done, everybody.
It only took six years for the FBI and the CIA and the NSA and DHS to subvert our constitutional republic so publicly that the vast majority of Americans now believe that we live in a techno-fascist oligarchy with a permanent bureaucracy of left-wing activists in charge of the federal government.
That’s a titanic shift in public opinion without parallel in the history of our nation.
That’s what happens when you install FBI agents as election directors in Arizona, and then shut down voting machines only in the red precincts of Maricopa County on Election Day.
Subtle is not a word that will ever be associated with these knuckleheads. They managed to stop Kari Lake and Blake Masters from getting elected — but you can’t really say they got away with it.
After all, the entire world watched them do it.
As Seth Keshel noted: “Maricopa County is an illegitimate governing body, most correctly defined as an organized crime ring using massive corruption to conceal its own lawlessness.”
Maricopa County is merely the latest example of the Biden regime’s shredding of our Constitution. Since when can the FBI show up unannounced to seize the cell phones of American citizens who haven’t been charged with a crime — like Mike Lindell? Since when can government officials order Twitter employees to disappear the messages of American citizens on a daily basis? Or snoop through their DMs on Facebook?
Indeed, the Department of Justice actually posts bulletins on its website to announce the illegal and unconstitutional things that it’s doing — like monitoring state elections.
Of course, the Left understands the Biden regime’s usurpation of the Constitution very well — because it’s largely in favor of it — but even leftists have started to issue warnings about the Orwellian drift of our national security agencies.

Notice that America’s national security agencies want to “police” public opinion about the very things that they’re responsible for doing. Naturally, DHS would prefer for Americans to forget that “the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic” involve Dr. Fauci funding the Wuhan Lab of Virology — as they would also prefer for you to forget that the COVID-19 vaccines have no efficacy at all. Who left our soldiers behind in Afghanistan? What is our money buying in Ukraine? This isn’t a misinformation report — it’s a laundry list of America’s illegal covert activities.
What’s the ultimate aim? I continue to maintain that these national security agencies are openly violating the Constitution in order to transform our country into a permanent surveillance state under their control — which is why our election system has to be subverted as well.
That’s why the Biden regime’s sudden plunge into totalitarianism includes allowing Democrat candidates for office like Katie Hobbs to silence their Republican opponents during election campaigns on Twitter.

Why was the communications director for Katie Hobbs allowed to do this? Wasn’t the DOJ — by their own admission — “monitoring” Maricopa County for just this sort of thing? Why is their silence so deafening?

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