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Stacey Dash:

Two 10th graders at John Marshall High School in San Antonio staged a mock assassination of President-elect Donald Trump for a classroom skit and despite the outrage from many parents, received no discipline for their actions.

The skit was aptly titled “The Assassination of Donald Trump, ” but according to the English teacher who gave the assignment, that wasn’t the version she approved and said that was a last-minute addition. The district superintendent released a statement on the incident:

Last week, an English teacher at Marshall HS instructed her students to create and perform a brief in-class skit following their study of Shakespeare. The teacher asked for students to submit their scripts for her preview and approval.

Two students, after their original script had been submitted, changed their skit to include a mock assassination of the President-elect. The teacher had no idea this change had occurred until the students began to perform this in the classroom.

The teacher stopped the student skit immediately when it became apparent that it was inappropriate.

I want to be clear: NISD does not condone the action of these students or anyone else who would threaten violence. The incident was addressed immediately and appropriately by the teacher and campus administration.

Yet, some parents were upset that the students or the teacher weren’t punished.

“Honestly I have run out of words to describe how angry I am and how shocked I am that they’re still in school today,” one parent said.

Other parents weren’t buying that the teacher stopped the skit when it became clearly inappropriate and questioned whether she should be back in the classroom so soon.

Of course, this is the world we live in now where it’s okay to do something like this. Imagine if the students staged a mock assassination of President Obama.

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