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by Ace

We’ve all been forced to note the NeverTrumpers’ constant flouncing and re-flouncing from the party.
They’re forever announcing “This time, that’s it, I’m done with the party!”
But they keep announcing this and keep expecting us to forget they already publicly announced their departure from the party six or seven times.
This time, though, they’re serious.
“Republicans” like Christie Todd Whitman (literally who?), “Republicans” who have been voting for Democrats at least as far back as Obama, say they’ll form a third party if we do not remake the party into the northeastern upper middle class liberal party they remember from the 70s.

Backers of the reform group include former Republican Governors Tom Ridge, Christine Todd Whitman, George W. Bush-era Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and former House members Charlie Dent, Barbara Comstock, Reid Ribble and Mickey Edwards.

I only recognize three names there — Whitman, Ridge, and Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Dent.
Lot of Bushies on this list. Weird, huh?


They may face an uphill battle in getting any current Republican officeholders to sign on – including Cheney herself, who in February rejected the idea of a third party, saying it would empower Democrats.

Yes, the people who have been voting Democrat for a decade are really bothered by the idea of empowering the Democrat Party.

A spokesman for Trump, Jason Miller, said: “These losers left the Republican Party when they voted for Joe Biden.”
Evan McMullin, a former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference and an independent presidential candidate in 2016, said if the Republican Party does not reject lies and extremism, part of it “will have no choice but to part ways with it and build something new. We’re excited about that prospect.”

Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Gee I hope that Megan McCain doesn’t leave too!
Don’t believe it though– these losers (and that is the right word, blunt as it is) only retain some slight, trivial relevance by being The Republicans That Can Reliably Be Expected to Deliver Anti-Republican Quotes to the Media and the DNC Whenever They’re Called.

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