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The big tough pull-a-gun-on-a-black-jogger Senator from Pennsylvania is not as tough as you might think. He’s apparently threatened by suits and ties. He’s so delicate that Chuck Schumer had to change the rules of Senate decorum to accommodate the special needs guy.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) quietly has directed the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms to no longer enforce the chamber’s informal dress code for its members, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: The new directive will allow Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.), who tends to favor gym shorts and hoodies over the business attire traditionally required in the chamber, to linger on the Senate floor before and after votes.

“Senators are able to choose what they wear on the Senate floor. I will continue to wear a suit,” Schumer said in a statement to Axios.

Here he is in a suit

This looks more like a hostage picture than anything else.

The Senate is the world’s greatest deliberative body. It is worthy of respect as an institution, while at the same time its members may not all be so worthy. It’s not unlike the military, in which the rank is saluted, not the person holding the rank. There used to be rules

Zoom in: The updated rule will go into effect this week, according to a Senate official. The change applies only to senators — staff members will still be required to follow the old dress code.

  • Under that standard, men and women have been required to wear business attire on the Senate floor — which has meant coat and tie for men.
  • But senators fresh off a plane or from the gym could circumvent the dress code by voting from the edge of the Senate floor, with one foot still in the cloakroom.
  • They could hold their thumb up or down to indicate their vote and then step back out of the chamber. Technically, they weren’t considered to be in violation of the floor’s dress code. Fetterman and other senators have voted this way.

But Fetterman is too sensitive and fragile for such ominous sartorial intimidation as is even business casual, let alone a genuine suit and tie.

Fetterman’s ever present handler is the giveaway that he is walking the tightrope of sanity and could fall off at any moment. This tweet speaks to his mental status.

Fetterman is a member of the walking comatose, a retard mocking the Senate. Rightfully he should resign rather than continue this absurd kabuki theater of his pretending to be capable of acting in a suitable and appropriate manner.

Then again, Schumer would have one less special needs puppet who votes however Schumer dictates, so demeaning the Senate becomes the imperative. So we’re stuck with the retard.

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