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I have to say that it’s been a long time since I enjoyed watching democrat politicians this much.

New York democrats held a townhall meeting in the New York city today and New Yorkers got a hard lesson in reality- their representatives don’t give a flying f*** about them.

They set upon the airhead AOC and that lying sack of crap Jerry Nadler to voice their anger about the illegal alien invasion of their city. Illegals are arriving daily and New Yorkers have discovered that there is a large bill to pay for the big mouth of their mayor Eric Adams where he declared NYC a sanctuary city and said he’d take all who wanted in. NYC is in chaos and the its citizens are suffering mightily for the presence of the illegals who neither know nor care about American culture and values. What is clear, though, is that the scummy democrats of New York care more for the illegals than they do for their constituents.  Watch as both AOC and Nadler basically tell their voters to f**k off. First AOC

Now Nadler

Ignoring the cries to close the border, both Nadler and AOC plod on, babbling about the American Dream and the need for immigrants. That lie obscures the truth – that illegals are a huge financial burden on cities and towns. In NYC it is estimated that each illegal alien child costs the city $38,000 per year. Illegal aliens suppress wages for lower socioeconomic groups. Illegal aliens bring crime. They’re running amuck in New York City, abusing locals.

They benefit only employers looking for dirt cheap labor. Nadler and AOC are but the tip of this poisonous spear. democrat politicians in general don’t give a damn about Americans. The rot begins with Biden, who dumps the illegal alien burden on Americans day after day.

One might think that citizens of the Big Apple might learn something from this, but it’s unlikely. It’s highly probable that hope and democrat bullsh*t will again triumph over reality come next November, even for notorious NIMBY’s.

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