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We live under one of the greatest periods of propaganda and disinformation in the history of the country. The President is rarely coherent, as witnessed during his presence in Vietnam, which led to any number of hilarious outtakes.

Here he makes up his own John Wayne movie


The crisis is apparently way, way off in the future


And of course, we needed another AYFKM moment from the old geezer

But nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a muppet (KJP) cutting off the President of the United States, complete with dementia soothing music.

Nothing says “I’m in charge more” than that, but democrats and the media continually extoll us as to Biden’s vim and vigor.

Inflation is going to explode next year, it’s already up 16% under Biden, gas and energy costs are fast rising again and food is approaching unaffordability. But what is democrats’ biggest worry?

Biden’s poll numbers.

That tells you all you need to know about for whom to vote.

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