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How would like your daughter to be forced to be naked with this thing?

That’s pretty much what a gutless coward Wyoming judge determined.

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by University of Wyoming sorority sisters contesting the admission of a transgender woman whom they accused of being a sexual predator.

Six members of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority chapter had challenged Artemis Langford’s admission by casting doubt on whether sorority rules allowed a transgender woman.

The biological girls were creeped out by this thing

Several members of the sorority also claimed Langford’s presence in their home left them feeling ‘vulnerable’ and ‘uncomfortable’.

They alleged that she would stare at the other girls for hours without saying anything, while sitting with a pillow in her lap.

They also accused her of taking photos of the girls at a slumber party and making inappropriate comments to them, including about ‘what vaginas look like, breast cup size, whether women were considering breast reductions and birth control’.

On one occasion, one of the women claimed she was changing clothes inside the house without a bra on, but turned around to find Langford, 21, staring at her, the complaint alleged.

And the kicker..

Fellow sisters reportedly later said that Langford had ‘his hands over his genitals’ and appeared sexually aroused.

This thing has not had made any effort to transition.

“Langford states that he is transgender and that he self-identifies as a woman. His behavior, however, does not reflect a man living as a woman let alone a man attempting to ‘consistently live’ as a woman,” the complaint said. “Other than occasionally wearing women’s clothing, Langford makes little effort to resemble a woman. He has not undergone treatments to create a more feminine appearance, such as female hormones, feminization surgery, or laser hair removal. Plaintiffs often observe Langford with the facial hair one would expect on a man who either did not shave that morning or whose facial hair has regrown by the evening.”

Wyoming U.S. District Court Judge Alan Johnson, in his ruling, found that sorority bylaws - as a private, voluntary organization - don't define who's a woman

The Klaus Schwab look-alike judge dismissed the case because he ruled that a sorority does cannot define “woman” but nether would he.

Wyoming U.S. District Court Judge Alan Johnson, in his ruling, found that sorority bylaws – as a private, voluntary organization – don’t define who’s a woman.

A federal court cannot interfere with the sorority chapter’s freedom of association by ruling against its vote to induct the transgender woman last year, Johnson ruled Friday.

With no definition of a woman in sorority bylaws, Johnson ruled that he could not impose the six sisters’ definition of a woman in place of the sorority’s more expansive definition provided in court.

‘With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the court will not define a ‘woman’ today,’ Johnson, himself an alumnus of the university who was honored by the school as Distinguished Alumni in 2015, wrote.

Let me help. This thing is a biological man. You are not something just because you call yourself something. In the complete absence of an effort to transition to a woman, one is not a woman- one is a transvestite. There is NO reason young women should be forced to shower with a male transvestite.

It’s indecent.

So let’s do what the gutless wonder judge could not – categorize.

Biological male- a man

Biological female- a woman

Biological male who’s undergone reassignment surgery- a trans woman (not a real woman)

Biological female who’s undergone reassignment surgery- a trans man (not a real man)

Biological man who dresses in female garb – a tranvestite

Biological female who dresses in male garb – a transvestite

You’re welcome.


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