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Welcome back to Day 927 of America held hostage by the Biden* Organized Crime Family’s occupation of the White House! Another commentary light / content heavy post, so let’s get to it!

7/21 – The Pessimistic Case for the Future

An impressively cynical piece, even by my standards! Even more impressive is that the article actually ends on a somewhat positive note.

7/22 – NC girl sues medical professionals for “deceptive and unfair trade practices” in convincing her to become a boy

More of this. Lots more. Since Leftists don’t possess any moral compass, the only way to reach them is through pain. And no, I’m not calling for physical violence – ruining these butchers financially will hopefully work.

7/24 – The Global Warming Scam: Part 4 Save the Planet?

7/24 – Behind The Deep State | BlackRock and the Fed: Consummate Conflict of Interest | Part Five

7/25 – The Anniversary Of The Hiroshima Bombing Is Approaching — I Have Several Personal Connections To It

Since I won’t be tuning in for the anniversary (see below), I wanted to include a Hiroshima post this week. Added bonus, you can watch the video where Bill Whittle DESTROYS Jon Stewart over the topic

7/25 – The Death Of Election Fraud: The Traitors Are Soiling Themselves (podcast)

7/25 – Granted Unprecedented Access, ‘Tucker’ Biographer Chadwick Moore Tells Carlson’s Life Story

7/25 – Biden creates new ‘permanent’ Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, laying foundation for second round of medical martial law

Remember the days when it was a conspiracy theory top call the Fauci Flu lockdowns a dry run? Good times!


7/27 – Transhumanism: “Upgrading” People With Techno Implants and Genetic Engineering

Interesting. I’m all for using technology to improve quality of life, such as with artificial limbs, etc. The line gets drawn at the call for wiring directly into our brains.

7/29 – Shot down: Plaintiff victorious over UVA in Covid vaxx mandate suit

Again, more of this. Maybe we need to make the case for reparations?

7/29 – Biden Regime’s Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Goes Into Effect Next Week For All Americans

The last time we had a dim bulb of a President who banned light bulbs I stocked up on a 200 pack. Chateau D’ Bob finished the last of them a few months ago, just in time for me to need to buy another 200!

7/30 – Fighting For Anthony: The Struggle To Save Portland, Oregon

Yes, it links to the NY Slimes, but it goes to Archive – no extra traffic for the bad guys. I was last in the Pacific Northwest back in 2019, and we could already see the decay manifesting. Given what beautiful cities Portland and Seattle are, it kills me what The Radical Left has done to those places. Then again, it also kills me what they’ve done to America.

7/31 – The Taylor Lorenz-ing of Journalism

8/1 – Joe Rogan Schools Jim Gaffigan On January 6th

8/2 – Justice in a skin suit: Trump’s latest indictment a travesty of justice

I know, this is hardly the underreported story that I like to post. The last paragraph brings it home

8/3 – Heather Mac Donald to Conservative Donors: Wake Up!

8/4 – Gen-Z for Change: Biden’s Astroturf Youth Group

Wondering if they’re issued matching brown shirts. Just curious.

Programming Note – Like the last few years, I’m following Dave Rubin’s example and using the month of August for a “news Cleanse” and tuning out of current events. I technically started a few days ago, but jumped on briefly the last few days to flesh out this post. I’ll be dropping some non topical posts at the end of each week while I’m away, but won’t be joining the conversation in the comments sections. You might see new comments on each of these posts in September if I decide to promote them on my various social media feeds on my return. Enjoy the rest of your summer, be good to each other, and I’ll see you in September!

– Brother Bob

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