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Welcome back to Day 857 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! As I usually do on holiday weekends, this week’s post will be lighter than normal. That said, let’s get to it:

5/18 – ‘Progressivism’ is for the wealthy

5/19 – The Trans Mind-Virus Is Mutating


5/20 – Kerry Says US Farm Confiscations Not Off the Table

5/21 – As ye have sown, so shall ye etc

5/22 – Flunking the Equity Test

5/23 – Three Lies They’re Telling You about the Debt Ceiling

5/24 – Tampa Pride Cancels Drag Show As It Might Expose Children To Sexually Explicit Material

5/24 – Barack Obama’s True Legacy

5/25 – Why Kari Lake Couldn’t Close the Deal

This one dovetails nicely into the ICYMI below

5/26 – Biden’s Antisemitism Strategy Fails to Condemn BDS, Includes CAIR

ICYMI – While the 2024 Election is Still Already Over, I’ve Decided that Trump Needs to be the Nominee

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Be sure to remind the kids / grandkids the reason for the holiday. And since June 6th will be hitting before next week’s TWIRL, here is Mark Steyn’s excellent critique of the movie. And June 6th is also what’s known in our household as “Sister Babe’s and Little Bob’s least favorite holiday”, International Day of Slayer. F***IN’ SLAYER!!!

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