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Looking for more proof that one-party Democrat states like California and New York are becoming virtual dictatorships? Look no further than Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who has overseen a massive crime wave due to his pro-crime policies. But that’s not all he’s been up to – he’s also been targeting political opponents, including an unprecedented attempt to revive a misdemeanor for falsifying business documents that expired years ago against none other than former President Donald Trump.

It’s obvious to all except the most delusional that this coming indictment is just a way to torpedo his campaign for President. And as we’ve seen with the recent prosecutions of hundreds of J6 protestors, it all hinges on where Trump is tried. Going before a Manhattan judge as well as a jury of New York liberals, there’s a chance he could be convicted. But appeals will be forthcoming, and there’s no way this gets past them. In fact this may very well ensure that he is once again in the White House come 2024.

The Justice Department has attempted this kind of tyranny once before when they tried to prosecute John Edwards on even stronger allegations. They were unsuccessful

Trump’s personal attorney, Timothy Parlatore, believes that a prior Supreme Court case involving former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could be used as a legal precedent favorable to Trump in the indictment.

“A lot of people think intent to defraud that just means intent to deceive,” he said. “So if you have a hush money payment, the write in as if it’s an attorney fee, that’s an intent to deceive. But an intent to defraud is required to have the additional element of to try to deprive somebody of money or property. And that’s certainly not present here, whatsoever.”

“If you falsify the records to try and get somebody to pay you extra money that you’re not otherwise entitled to, that’s intent to defraud,” he continued. “If you’re just trying to hide what the source of the money is, or what the purpose of the money is, and even if you’re trying to conceal a campaign donation, that wouldn’t fit into… the definition of an intent to defraud.”

“And so that’s the kind of thing that I would expect that the judge would look at very early on and dismiss on those points,” Parlatore said.

…”But, you know, it’s certainly the Bridgegate case, where Chris Christie ordered the lane shut down and they charged them with an intent to defraud,” Parlatore continued. “But the thing is, by just you know, when you have an intent to cause a traffic jam, and your political rival’s town, that’s not an intent to deprive anybody of money or property. And so that’s why the Supreme Court reversed that case. And it’s the same throughout.”

Trump paid Cohen with his own money after his then-lawyer had paid Daniels. Bragg therefore would need to assert that someone was deprived of money or property in the effort in order to make the case.

Trump’s refusal to bend to the left’s will has been met with constant bogus investigations and accusations.

Trump’s 50-year myriad of investigations has included allegations serious and not-so-serious, including by TDS-riddled then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Russia “collusion” hoax investigation, about which we finally and ironically learned that none other than Hillary Clinton, Trump’s 2016 presidential election opponent., personally approved a plan to share bogus Trump-Russian allegations with the lapdog media.

…To suggest that the 21st century kicked off with a flurry of anti-Trump persecution and continued with a flurry would be a gross understatement. From the second impeachment (Democrat show trial) to accusations of falsely inflating his assets in an attempt to mislead lenders, to criminal investigation for events related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, to his handling of classified documents, the former president has faced an ongoing barrage, the likes of which American politics has never before seen.

The question is who will be next if the left and the deep state are successful in destroying Trump?

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