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If you didn’t like yesterday’s post on why President Trump can’t be the GOP nominee in 2024, you’re going to love this! As a buddy of mine might say right now, “If I thought the way you did, I’d probably put a gun to my head.” Not to worry, while the title of this post tells you I’m not going to sugarcoat things, despair, and surrender are the last things on my mind. So let’s get to this, and hang with me to the end. One last admin note, as longtime readers know, on the rare occasions that I use profanity, it’s for a reason and used surgically. And I always warn when it’s coming, so when you get to where I quote the movie “Beerfest” toward the end of the post, there will be some mild cussing. There will also be minor spoilers, but it’s from a film that’s nearly 20 years old.

We don’t need to recap what happened in 2020 when Sundown Joe* campaigned from his basement and drove enough enthusiasm to have 81 million votes counted for him. The Democrats did a spectacular job of making their stolen votes completely unverifiable. “OK”, I thought. “The GOP has learned their lesson and won’t let this happen again, right?” Wrong.

Jump to 2022. We were ready for the Red Tsunami, which turned out to be a red trickle. Yes, there were factors. I pointed out that the Roe V. Wade victory was worth any temporary losses. Could we have had stronger candidates? Sure, Hershel Walker & Dr. Oz were far from perfect, but spare me that talk as an excuse. The Dems “won” with Raphael “Slum Lord Preacher Millionaire” Warnock in GA, Katie “Abortion Mouse” Hobbs didn’t even make any freakin’ effort to hide the election fraud that she committed! And don’t get me started on Uncle Festerman in PA. The dude got elected despite the fact that he is so clearly brain-damaged that he couldn’t utter a single coherent thought! Even more so than the dementia patient who was installed as President after the 2020 election! No, a bigger problem is that the GOP Establishment didn’t want solid majorities in the House & Senate. Cocaine Mitch withheld funding for any candidates who would not kneel and kiss his ring, while barely veiled double agent Lindsey Graham decided to offer the Dems some great Get Out the Vote fodder by introducing a bill (that had ZERO chance of passing) to completely ban abortions immediately after the Roe ruling.

Then in the aftermath, the GOPe decided to spit in the faces of the Normals who they pretend to represent, with Cocaine Mitch proclaiming that sending billions of dollars with no accountability to Ukraine was the top priority of the GOP base. And in a head-scratcher, the party decided to reward Mitt Romney’s niece, Ronna McDaniel as GOP Chair. I can see her appeal to the GOPe, as she is great at raising a lot of money from big donors while carefully avoiding producing results with that money (And no, I have no idea why Trump’s people whipped votes for McDaniel on election day).

In the meantime, now that the Democrats have figured out that they never have to lose another presidential election ever again, what have they been up to since their efforts to codify election fraud seem to have stalled at the federal level? First off, they have been furiously working at finding creative ways to carpet bomb cash into various election takeover efforts. The Capitol Research Center did an amazing job of chronicling:

The Left’s Plot to Take Over Election Administration: Power of Election Officials

The Left’s Plot to Take Over Election Administration: Clerk Work

The Left’s Plot to Take Over Election Administration: U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence

The Left’s Plot to Take Over Election Administration: Big Tech Funding

The Origins of “Zuck Bucks”: Getting Out the (Democratic) Vote

Arabella’s “Dark Money” Wants to Silence Free Speech

State Voices: The Left-Wing Nonprofit That Made 140 Million Voter Contacts in 2022

How about on the statewide level? Dems are already busy rewriting the election laws. On many fronts.

In Arizona, while Abortion Mouse was busy stealing the Governorship from Karie Lake, the GOP was busy showing that they have no desire to fight even the most egregious voter suppression.

Colorado sent voter registration info to over 31,000 foreign citizens.

Georgia has become the beta testing ground for a national elections takeover.

They’ve become so emboldened that they’re even dumping foreign money into a deep red state that they have been working to completely destroy like West Virginia.

Wisconsin Dem Governor is working his magic to take over elections.

Virginia Democrats have ensured that Zuck Bucks continue to deluge the state.

And across all states the GOP has to fight against Phantom Voters.

That’s not to say that it’s all doom and gloom though; here are 10 wins by the GOP to restore faith in the electoral process.

So what can we expect in 2024? At the top of my post Iinked to my anti-Trump take. There was a lot of disagreement, both in the comments and on various boards where I posted, and most of the disagreement was well articulated. But on top of everything I had to say, it looks like Biden* is trying to use Merrick Garland’s corrupt Department of Justice to go after Trump to keep him from being able to run. This wouldn’t be unprecedented – Tuca recently made a strong case that the Justice Dept. railroaded Nixon out of office.  So let’s say that we end up having a bruising GOP primary that toughens the eventual winner, and whoever loses decides to put the country ahead of any personal disputes and endorses the winner. And in this scenario, DeSantis is the winner, and we have a simple case of what too many pundits have called, “Trump without the baggage” and the GOP cruises to victory, right?

Wrong. Desantis will have baggage of his own. Personally, I thought that the anti-Desantis shots in the post I just linked didn’t have much substance to them, but that’s not the point. To The Radical Left, charges don’t have to have any substance or facts behind them. Lefties will happily believe any lie if it supports their beliefs and just look at the stupidity they believed about Trump. I could write a few thousand words, but can sum it up with the most egregiously unbelievable example that they all swallowed: Pee Tape, anyone? Of course, in this scenario The Radical Left will also forget their seething hatred for Trump, as one trait they’ve always shared is that they obediently march in lockstep to whoever their leadership labels their latest Emmanuel Goldstein. Ace lays down a few of the ways thet they will delude themselves that they actually like Trump compared to DeSantis. And of course, unless voter fraud gets addressed, pretending any nominee can overcome it is a trap.

So what do we do now? We’ve already heard talk about the GOP adopting ballot harvesting techniques, as has already been successfully done in California. While I get the idea of using their tactics against the Lefties, that only goes so far, as the moment it becomes truly effective for us Normals is the day we get FBI raids on the homes of every Republican participating. If you don’t see that happening, look no further than all of the BLAMtifa domestic terrorist walking free while the victims of the January 6th Reichstag Fire rot away in the Garland Archipelago. Even if that threat didn’t hang overhead, I still don’t like it. For one, it gives a huge advantage to the GOPe versus any grassroots Republicans given the monetary and organizational advantages. Second, and more impartantly, why should we Normals have to surrender a huge tactical advantage to The Radical Left? And if we become over-reliant on harvesting, how soon until Democrats figure out that it’s a great way for them to measure how many fraudulent votes they need to find on election night? On this tactic, I share the brief, profane opinion toward Heinecken that Dennis Hopper offered in the movie Blue Velvet. Side note, but why aren’t any of us Normals pushing how ballot harvesting takes away the right of the secret ballot?

There’s an argument that turning our backs on the GOP as a whole would be a national suicide pact. There’s some merit to the argument, although I’ve been there since 2000, when the GOPe forced Dubya on us over my preferred candidate, McCain. Yes, that is painful to type, but given the choice between 2000 McCain vs. Dubya, I stand by my call. Then in 2013 as I watched the GOPe throw money at Gov. Christ Christie’s near-certain re-election in NJ while pitching in the bare minimum to help Ken Cuccinelli vs Clinton Bagman Terry MacAuliffe here in VA I decided I was done with the GOP. I support individual candidates, but never the party leadership that hates me.

At this point you might be wondering if I’m going to offer anything remotely constructive, assuming you haven’t already put your fist through your screen hoping it will reach my nose. Adam Mill lays out the interesting scenario of boycotting the 2024 election.

So why participate in an election that’s being manipulated by the FBI and other government agencies? In sham democracies, when the government refuses to adhere to international standards of fairness and transparency, the opposition parties have simply boycotted the elections.

As I write this, opposition parties around the world have used election boycotts to embarrass repressive regimes that crave the legitimacy of an apparent election victory. For example, Nicaraguan exiles recently called for a boycott of their country’s upcoming election.
Election fraud suspicions have been incredibly difficult to confirm and pursuing wilder claims has come at the expense of scrutinizing the government’s own election misconduct that has happened in plain sight.

We can prove government-directed censorship of election-related speech. Now that the FBI said it plans to continue or even expand these efforts, we have a choice to make. Do we legitimize the sham by trying really really really hard to overcome the rigged political forum? Or do we just boycott these sham elections until the FBI stops directing our political process?

I don’t completely agree with this sentiment, either. Completely sitting out the election means an electoral bloodbath downticket and wipes out representation for us Normals at the state and local levels, as well as in the School Board fights, where our base has shown new life. What if we still voted, but all voted a write in for President, such as John Galt? I’m sure that many of you disagree with me, but if I’m right (and I sincerely hope I’m not), how many rigged elections and tyranny at the hands of the Democrats do we put up with before we realize that we’re fighting the last war, and that we lost it years ago? Are we at that stage? I don’t know. Can we avoid reaching the stage where our election process has gone full banana republic, or was 2020 our Pearl Harbor, and 2022 was our Phillippines? I’d like to say that our Midway will be 2024, but based on what I wrote here I don’t see it. Calling out the regime’s illegitamacy is only a starting point, and things will get worse before they get better. But America remains the greatest country to ever exist, warts and all. My uncle didn’t get shot up by Rommel’s Africa Corps to return and live a productive life, while my great uncle didn’t get gunned down on the beaches of Normandy for me to squander what they sacrificed.

We will win this fight, as tyrannies always fall eventually. Some take longer than others. But if Germany could overcome being ruled by literally Hitler, and most of  Eastern Europe could throw off Russian tyranny, there’s no reason we can’t do the same. And while we’re not as far along the road as those nations wound up, it’s impossible to ignore the path we’re on. But I’m not giving up.

In the underrated classic comedy “Beerfest”, two brothers assemble a beer-drinking game team to compete in the championships in Munich. When the team is at its lowest point, Barry Badrinath returns to the team to confess why he has a mental block against playing beer pong, a game he once excelled at. After hustling beer pong against the wrong crowd, he got roughed up badly, including having something horrible done to him involving a ping pong paddle. At this point, the brothers’ Gam-Gam arrives and affirms the boys’ worst fears, confirming the rumors from throughout the movie that when she was younger, she was in fact a whore. But after offering her own confession, she also offers some words of encouragement and friendly advice to Barry: “You and I are not so different Mr. Badrinath. I’ve had all kinds of things shoved up my ass. But you know what I did? I got over it! So vill you, so vill you…”

Who’s ready for what’s next? I admit I don’t know myself what it is, but I’m ready for it.

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