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Under the cloak of darkness Joe Biden made a secret trip to Ukraine. The Washington Post heralded it as “cloak and dagger.” Leftists on Twitter found themselves raptured by this heroic action. To add to the drama, as Biden and Zelenskyy strolled out of the Presidential residence air raid sirens blared. There was no additional alacrity upon the sound of the alarm. Indeed there was no alacrity at all. Zelensky and Biden continued their leisurely stroll.

There was no need for alacrity. The air raid sirens were all for show. Newsmax reported that Russia had been warned ahead of time about Biden’s visit. I don’t doubt it for a second. How stupid do you think the NY Times is? Quadruple it

This visit, just like the sirens, is all stagecraft but it’s going to put the US in great jeopardy.

“Historian” Douglas Brinkley wets himself as he drools over Biden

Biden promised to support Ukraine for “as long as it takes”, along with another $500 million in aid. When does it end? We’ve been drained of $200 billion for Ukraine thus far. Our weaponry is being depleted faster than it can be replaced. Then on top of this the Biden regime dares throw sand in China’s eyes, warning it not to send lethal weapons to Russia.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made that accusation Sunday on CBS, where he said Chinese companies have already been supplying Russia with non-lethal aid and may soon do more.

“The concern that we have now is, based on information we have, that they’re considering providing lethal support, and we’ve made very clear to them that that would cause a serious problem for us and in our relationship,” Blinken said. When asked what lethal aid China might deliver, Blinken said, “weapons.”

China did not take that well.

That remark drew a furious comment from China on Monday – but not an outright denial – even as China’s top diplomat was expected to travel to Moscow this week.

“It is the U.S. not China, that has been pouring weapons into the battlefield,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin said. “The U.S. is in no position to tell China what to do. We would never stand for finger-pointing, or even coercion and pressurizing from the U.S. on our relations with Russia.”

But here’s the thing. Should China side with Russia in Ukraine the US will be in a world of hurt, but it might be a prelude to another Chinese action- seizing Taiwan. Between Joe Biden so rapidly draining our military resources and the military being focused on pronouns and transgenderism should Xi move on Taiwan the US will not be in a position to sustain a two-theater conflict. We don’t even have enough oil for that because Biden has drained it. And Zelenskyy has the balls to threaten WWIII if China supports Russia?? What I should say is with whose balls is he threatening China? Who do you think will be expected to fight that war? Zelenskyy?

And the military itself? Did you know that “Diversity is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness and accomplishment.”? Think anyone in the world respects of fears that kind of horse crap?

We’re so stupid. We’re also really vulnerable.

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