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Welcome back to Day 745 of America Held Hostage by the Biden* Regime! On to the crazy…

1/26 – Dom Lucre TRICKS Dems/Lefties into reading about and SHARING their racist history in BRUTAL thread

A brilliant and literal “Rope a Dope”

1/27 – Is TVA Already Rationing Electricity for Future Industrial Growth?

Remember, these blackouts are by design. Biden* appointed several Climastrologists to the TVA for a reason.

1/28 – Against Cricket Cakes

Although I’d have no problem watching Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab share a bowl of cockroaches

1/29 – Your Credit Score Please, Comrade

The only part this article misses is the timing. Talk to Laura Loomer. Or the Candian truckers.

1/30 – Race based: Burley Middle School offers black-only catered dinner event

The party of Segregation continues it’s nasty ways

1/31 – The Sumter Gambit

I only disagree with the timelines, The Democrats started their second Civil War with all of the mini Fort Sumnters (CHAZ Zones) that popped up in cities during the summer of BLAMtifa riots.

2/1 – CHOP! A Short Story by Tober Mory

Obviously a bit longer than our normal fare, but worth a few minutes of your time to read

2/2 – Vegan Activists Trespass on to a Duck Farm and Chain Themselves to the Slaughter Line. Then They Start Screaming When the Slaughter Line Starts Moving.

How about a happier story as we get to the end of this post? Ace nails it with this pithy analysis:

LOL. It’s like a feel-good reboot of Saw.

2/3 – US government monitoring suspected ‘high-altitude’ Chinese spy balloon over northern states

There are so many layers to this story. Why am I first learning about this from Australian news? The Pentagon seriously can’t figure out how to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon over Montana? How did this balloon get as far as Montana before it got spotted? And is there a “Swalwell for Congress” banner hanging from it?

Have a great weekend!

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