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Joe Biden is a China asset. There’s no other way to interpret this.

A Chinese spy balloon has been loitering over the US for several days now. It first crossed Alaskan airspace, then Canadian airspace and then back again into US airspace. It became public when civilians sighted it over Montana. The Biden regime was not going to tell us.

Theres another one over Latin America.

China initially claimed it was a weather balloon but the Pentagon confirmed that it was a spy balloon. Despite knowing it is a spy balloon Biden decided to allow it to continue on its merry spying way.

Anthony Blinken, the eunuch Secretary of State, had a faux hissy fit and canceled his trip to China.

I heard an argument against shooting the thing down that asserted people on the ground could be injured. Montana is sparsely populated. That thing could have been shot down quite safely. The truth is that this damned thing should have been shot down before it crossed Alaskan airspace and here’s why.

What if this was a test bed for an EMP attack? If so equipped, this device could have taken out a major portion of the country’s electrical grid. Multiple devices could pretty wipe out the entire country. China now knows it can do this with impunity.

Joe Biden would let it happen because he wants to see China rise. Bill Gates said much the same thing.

Think Biden was going to answer any questions about it?


The President of the United States doesn’t want to be bothered answering questions about US airspace being violated by Communist China. To me this indicates Biden is condoning these incursions violating US airspace. After all, he wants to see China rise.

I told you he was a Chinese asset. How long will this be allowed to continue?




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