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Dear America

I am disappointed. Surprised and disappointed. Yesterday was a litmus test for your intelligence and you failed. 72% of voters said they felt the country was going in the wrong direction and still you voted to stay the course.

Many of us tried to help you. We tried to help you understand what was at stake and how to set the country on a better path but you chose to ignore us. It’s baffling. I never understood why people would vote against their better interests. But you did. What did you vote for?

You voted for violent crime.

You voted for the deaths of innocent people and children in Chicago, NYC, Detroit and Baltimore and other cities.

You voted for criminals to be released without bail.

You voted to continue the flood of fentanyl into this country.

You voted to allow China to profit from that fentanyl.

You voted for Mexican drug cartels who manufacture that fentanyl.

You voted to allow a demented senile old lying fraud not to be held accountable for anything.

You voted for the illegal alien invasion to continue.

You voted for the f**king psychopath who says the border is secure.

You voted for allowing the grooming of school children into a transgender life without their parents’ knowledge.

You voted for more inflation.

You voted for high gas and oil prices.

You voted for high food prices.

You voted for more bad economy.

You voted for this country to be ridiculed worldwide.

You elected Shrek to the Senate.

Now I have to confess to you that, as you don’t care about any of this, I don’t care about you. I’m spent from caring. When you are or someone you know is gunned down in the streets of a major city I won’t care. When you cry over one of your children overdosing on fentanyl, well, I will still care but I won’t feel a shred of sympathy for you. When you whine about the cost of gas, oil and diesel I won’t care. When you whine about the cost of food I won’t care. When you can’t keep your house warm in the winter I won’t care. When one of your family is assaulted, raped or murdered by an illegal alien, sorry. When stores continue to be robbed without consequence and your store is forced to close, suck it up. When you get pushed in front of a subway train, too bad. I hope border towns who voted blue are further inundated with illegals and their crime. I hope your police departments are defunded. That’ll teach us.

Those of you who voted for this deserve what’s coming to you. Enjoy your vote.






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