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Welcome back! I realized this week that somewhere around my summer break I stopped opening these posts noting the grim milestone of which day of the Biden* regime we are into. So as of today, we mark Day 647 of America held hostage. Now onto the crazy:

10/17 – Cost of public charging an EV is now more expensive than filling up with diesel–Parkers

More of this to come.

10/18 – It’s Beginning: Arizona Ballot Stuffer Caught Covering Up License Plate

And so it begins

10/19 – Gen X to Democrats:Eat My Shorts!

I wish this Gen X rejection of The Radical Left were as widespread as the article implies. I’ve seen too many old friends who went from Angry (and blaming us Normals) when Obama turned out to be more cheap politician than the Messiah they were promised, Furious when President Trump denied Hillary’s coronation, and off the rails livid when we wouldn’t let them gaslight us to acknowledge the “legitimacy” of installing a dementia patient over a stolen election. But for me personally, this post nails it.

10/20  – A Tribute to Git R Done

How about something positive?

10/21 – Journolism: ignoring the “Five Ws + H” in reporting due to political correctness

You’ll be as shocked as I was when you read the big reveal

10/22 – Scientists Glue Themselves to Floor to Protest Car Emissions

I’ve already told Sister babe that if the Climastrologists try this crap at one of DC’s art museums, I’ll be paying them a visit. The night before will involve a lot of beer, and the drive over to visit will involve a nice big Arbys lunch. She knows I’m not kidding.

10/23 – NYT’s Republicans ‘devil terms’ front page is more media midterm madness

Projection is more than a rive rin Egypt.

10/24 – MSNBC Reporter Asks Trump Supporters Stupid Question About Jan 6, Gets Humiliated on National TV – Has No Idea About What Really Happened that Day

If you haven’t seen this one yet, watching a group of Normals calmly school this partisan hack is a thing of beauty.

10/25 – Just Like In Communist Countries, The State Is Turning Your Children Against You

Not really a surprise – they know how to follow a playbook

10/26 – Michelle Malkin Signs Off: ‘An Ending, but Not the End’

Sad news, Malkin was one of the first columnists I’d read when I got interested in following politics. She will be missed.

10/27 – Deep State Villainy Thwarts Brexit

If you want to make your blood pressure rise be sure to read to the end.

10/28 – Keep the Smithsonian’s Identity Politics Museums Off the Mall

Amen to this. As someone who used to roam the National Mall regularly, do we really need more museums along it?

Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!

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