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John Fetterman is unfit for office. Never mind that he dresses like a slob. Never mind that he would make a mockery of the Senate. He is simply unfit for office. The country got a heavy dose of the present-day John Fetterman in the PA Senatorial debate last night. He had a no good horrible very bad day.

He entered the fray saying “Hi, goodnight everyone.”

The debate follows on the heels of an interview conducted by MSNBC in which he “stumbled and stuttered.” Fetterman has difficulty processing auditory input, i.e. speech. The reporter interviewing him said Fetterman had a “hard time understanding our conversations.” Fetterman needs to read the questions from a teleprompter with questions presented in closed caption format.

He also has trouble with speaking, as is evidenced by his opening remark. He is nowhere near recovered from his stroke and his impairment compromises his ability to perform the duties of a US Senator. When he was coherent he had trouble with the truth. During the debate he rattled off a number of falsehoods.

He said he’s always supported fracking. That’s completely false.

Watch as he tries to convince the moderator he didn’t say what he said

He said he never supported socialized medicine

Hs said “I do not believe in supporting the Supreme Court.”

He claimed to have gotten a clean bill of health from his doctor but will not release his medical records.

Fetterman’s performance was so sad even the left couldn’t gloss over it.

Swing voters found it hard to watch him speak. Afterwards the Fetterman campaign tried unsuccessfully to argue that the closed caption system was at fault.

The bar was lowered for Fetterman in anticipation of the debate:

During “Inside Politics with John King,” CNN senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson said that Democrats were smart to “lower expectations” for Fetterman, asserting that just having him be “relatively coherent” would be enough to portray his debate performance as a success.

It wasn’t low enough. It could not have been lowered enough. Fetterman is not fit for office.

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