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Welcome back! Let’s get to it:


Of all of the pro leagues I don’t miss, I probably miss the NBA the least. Where have you gone, Michael?

10/13 – CNN Is Crying That People Care More About Inflation Than The J6 Investigation

Technically, everybody should care more about the J6 Reichstag Fire, but that’s a separate post.

10/14 – Is this the Democrats’ next move in their pro-transgender, anti-parent crusade?

One note that this post leaves out – Dems in VA can’t run away quickly enough from the idea of jailing parents for protecting their children from being mutilated. Apparently they’re learning their lesson from 2021. I’ve also heard that the GOP controlled VA House will put this bill up for a vote to force every Dem to vote on this abomination.

Popcorn, please!

10/15 – American Parents Who Protest Schools are Terrorists. Muslim Parents are ‘Multifaceted’

Meh. I’m cynical enough to see the dishonest press as an opportunity for us Normals to adjust our tactics and enlist temporary allies in our fight against The Radical Left.

10/16 – GOPerdammerung: Signs of a Seismic National Shift and a Red Tidal Wave

I’ve been avoiding getting excited over November for a number of reasons, but if the Biden* junta awakens the droves of sleeping Normals we might be able to fix America without a Civil War!

10/17 – Fauci Can’t Whitewash His Disastrous Legacy

I’ve noticed in the last year Dems ramping up trying to lie about their previous views. Don’t let them get away with it.

10/18 – Native American Ancestors’ Own Sordid History

What is it with Democrats and their love for cultures where rape, slavery, and mass murder are considered normal? Or did I just answer my own question?

10/19 – Report: ABC News Producer Missing Since FBI Raided His Home

I’d love to hear a single one of the cowards in the White House Press Corps call this out. Then again, has anyone else noticed that the only non-Regime Approved Leftist allowed to ask questions is Fox News’ Peter Doocey? Again, this is not by accident and warrants a post of its own

10/20 – Katie Hobbs Last Week: I Don’t Have to Debate Kari Lake, I Am Answering Reporters’ Questions Instead
Katie Hobbs Now: I’m Also Now Refusing to Answer Reporters’ Questions

Works for Sundown Joe*, why not Hobbs?

10/21 – A Globalist Coup in Westminster?

Come on! A major world leader who happens to be a serious Anti-Globalist who is ousted from office and whose party takes losses under questionable circumstances? That’s just too crazy to believe!

Have a great week!

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