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Call it what you want. Axis of evil. Axis of ignorance. Axis of stupidity. Axis of a-holes. Maybe all of the above. It is a greater threat at the moment than is China or Russia. The left-wing media has set off a smoke screen between Joe Biden and the American public. They are protecting him, but endangering America.

Biden is a lot of things, a sexual predator included, but above all he is a galactic liar. He is an utterly dishonest con man, a carnival barker. The left-wing press doesn’t want you to know that.

The other day Biden was in California. He had an exchange with a reporter and it went like this:

“The inflation report is out. Have you seen gas prices around here in LA? It’s 7 bucks a gallon almost,” a reporter said after Biden handed a cashier three $20 bills for a $16.45 order of six tacos and two quesadillas.

“Well, that’s always been the case here,” Biden replied. “You know, it’s not — what — nationwide, they came down about $1.35, and they’re still down over a dollar.

“Well, that’s always been the case here.” 

Wanna bet? Here is a brief history of California gasoline prices over the years

See how it spiked when Biden became President. What the President said was just more Biden Bullsh*t. And the left-wing press just lets it go, as they do pretty much all of his lies and gaffes.

When he calls out a dead person, they brush it off as “caring.”

They ignore his fabricating fantasy numbers

Biden lied his ass off about Border Patrol Agents whipping immigrants and the lapdog media let his lies stand a year later with no apology to the agents he slandered.

A few days ago Biden claimed (again) his son died in Iraq.

A buffoon Washington Post columnist called for a more positive coverage of Biden.

Washington Post columnist Perry Bacon Jr. called on the media to cover President Biden “more positively” on Monday and contended that “relentless negative coverage is toxic for politicians.”


Bacon Jr. wrote that the mainstream media contributed a lot to the president’s “declining support.”

“Its flawed coverage model of politics and government is bad for more than just Biden — it results in a distorted national discourse that weakens our democracy. The media needs to find a different way to cover Washington,” he said.

Rip Van Bacon apparently missed the Trump years, or maybe he’s just another partisan hack.

Biden licks an ice cream cone as tenderly as if it was a young girl while dismissing concerns about the economy:

Joe Biden is facing the wrath of conservatives online after he was caught on camera telling a reporter in Portland that the ‘economy is strong as hell’ – while licking away at a Baskin Robbins ice cream cone.


The president appeared unbothered by the country’s 8.2 percent inflation rate and warnings of a looming recession as he was asked about the US’ financial situation in an Oregon ice cream parlor Saturday.


Questioned if he had any worry about the strength of the US dollar amid rising inflation, the president, with a chocolate chip cone in hand, flippantly replied: ‘I’m not concerned about the strength of the dollar. I’m concerned about the rest of the world. Our economy is strong as hell.’

Biden’s media tries to convince us that Biden’s policies aren’t unpopular. The fault lies with the stupid people who don’t understand them.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, frequent NBC guest and president of the leftist political advocacy group Voto Latino Maria Teresa Kumar sought to explain away President Joe Biden’s historic unpopularity as simply an issue of a failure to communicate his message to voters rather than it being that his policies are unpopular. This is a common message from leftist media when a Democrat President is unpopular. It’s never that his policies are unpopular, he just failed to get the message out.

The media has been covering for Biden for a long time (from the minute he secured the nomination) and hasn’t stopped since. But we are now drifting into some truly dangerous territory. This administration is beating the drums of war. Putin is moving bombers to a base near Finland. Led by the US, NATO is conducting nuclear drills over Europe. Russia is saber rattling about nuclear weapons and Biden is talking Armageddon despite not knowing what day it is.

Biden’s open border policy is likely allowing terrorists into the country:

A Daily Caller News Foundation reporter described how the number of migrants with potential ties to terrorism skyrocketed during a Tuesday morning Newsmax appearance.

“Special interest migrants, as they’re called by the Biden administration, are migrants that come from areas of the world that have specific ties to terrorists or that they have travel patterns in areas that have ties to terrorism,” DCNF investigative reporter Jennie Taer told “National Report” co-host Emma Rechenberg. “And so, the concern is that there may be extra background checks that need to be done, and that’s what’s done in these cases. If there’s derogatory information found, then special interest migrants are taken into further custody, but many of them are released.”

The Biden/left wing media axis continues to cover for this demented old man, pretending all is well. Do we have to get into a real war or suffer a major terrorist attack before we acknowledge how much trouble we’re in?

But hey, at least the ice cream is good.

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