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Kommandant Garland is at it again. His FBI Gestapo has snagged another victim.

Mark Houck, a well-known anti-abortion activist, was arrested in Bucks County, PA for allegedly violating Biden’s FACE Act (the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act). The warrant specified “ATTACK OF A PATIENT ESCORT.”

The details are in some dispute.  Houck’s wife described it this way:

Ryan-Marie, who is a homeschooling mother, described how the SWAT team of 25 to 30 FBI agents swarmed their property with around 15 vehicles at 7:05 a.m. this morning. Having quickly surrounded the house with rifles in firing position, “they started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it.”

Before opening the door, she explained, her husband tried to calm them, saying, “‘Please, I’m going to open the door, but, please, my children are in the home. I have seven babies in the house.’ But they just kept pounding and screaming,” she said.

When he opened the door, “they had big, huge rifles pointed at Mark and pointed at me and kind of pointed throughout the house,” Ryan-Marie described.

When they came in, they ordered the kids to stay upstairs. “Our staircase is open, so [the kids] were all at the top of the stairs which faces the front door, and I was on the stairs as well, coming down.”

“The kids were all just screaming. It was all just very scary and traumatic,” she explained.

The FBI denies it was a SWAT raid

“There are inaccurate claims being made regarding the arrest of Mark Houck. No SWAT Team or SWAT operators were involved. FBI agents knocked on Mr. Houck’s front door, identified themselves as FBI agents and asked him to exit the residence. He did so and was taken into custody without incident pursuant to an indictment,” the FBI said.

But they don’t deny all of her account:

The FBI did not deny that up to 25-30 armored agents were on the scene or that Houck’s children witnessed the agents pointing rifles at their father and mother to arrest him for allegedly shoving someone in front of an abortion clinic.

Or that the children were screaming and crying. 25 f**king agents for a man with zero history of violence. Now for the good part.

The local LEO’s did not press the case, nor did the local DA. Why, you might ask. This is why

On several occasions when Mark went to sidewalk counsel last year, he took his eldest son, who was only 12 at the time, she explained. For “weeks and weeks,” a “pro-abortion protester” would speak to the boy saying “crude … inappropriate and disgusting things,” such as “you’re dad’s a fag,” and other statements that were too vulgar for her to convey.

Repeatedly, Mark would tell this pro-abortion man that he did not have permission to speak to his son and please refrain from doing so. And “he kept doing it and kind of came into [the son’s] personal space” obscenely ridiculing his father. At this point, “Mark shoved him away from his child, and the guy fell back.”

The clincher

“He didn’t have any injuries or anything, but he tried to sue Mark,” and the case was thrown out of court in the early summer.

The above occurred in 2021, over a year ago. Bringing a federal case for something the local authorities dismissed is a terrible abuse of power. But none of that matters to Kommandant Garland. Garland’s Gestapo is determined to crush and intimidate anyone who dares interfere with the killing of babies. Pro-lifers are being made an example of what you have to fear from this a**hole administration. And it’s all one sided.

Since the Biden administration has taken power in January 2021, Garland’s Department of Justice and the FBI have committed dozens of SWAT team raids that have been characterized as a political “weaponization” of the federal agencies against pro-lifers, Trump supporters, conservative Christians, and medical freedom advocates.

For example, in contrast to left-wing rioters who caused enormous damage in cities across the nation in 2020, and the vandals who have attacked dozens of pro-life centers this year with little or no legal ramifications, the Department of Justice implemented the harshest of consequences for those they identified as having anything to do with the disturbance at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. These actions have included early morning SWAT team arrests, ransacked homes, confiscation of property, indefinite pre-trial solitary confinement without bail in a dedicated D.C. prison, significant physical abuse, and the violation of the Constitutional right to a speedy trial.

In March, the FBI rounded up 10 pro-life activists, including Joan Andrews Bell, with SWAT team raids that serve to intimidate and humiliate the accused through an exercise of excessive force.

A surfaced video of one of these raids shows armed agents holding pro-lifers at gunpoint and ordering them to put their hands up, drop to their knees and scoot backward out their front door in the middle of the night. The pro-lifers are respectful and compliant throughout.

After the FBI’s unprecedented August 8 raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called it “another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents.”

Soon after Joe Biden’s September 1 speech where he declared war on conservative Christians, dozens of Trump allies had their homes raided by the FBI, which Steve Bannon referred to as “a Gestapo tactic,” and said it was “all about intimidation.”

There have been over 100 attacks on pro-life organizations. Jane’s Revenge claims responsibility for 18 arson and vandalism attacks since May 2.

Not one arrest. No SWAT, no 30 armed Gestapo agents. Nothing. It’s almost as if there is a two-tiered justice system in this country.

I have a hard time believing the case against Houck is going anywhere and I suspect Kommandant Garland knows it. This is about intimidation. It’s a message.

The message is that we’re living in a fascist state and don’t you dare try to resist. Someone innocent is going to get killed. Oh, wait, that already happened. I really don’t wish ill on people but I am having a very hard time fighting the urge to do so. This is unamerican. It’s unconstitutional.

It’s wrong.



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