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This is the wild tale of Michele Long Spears, initially the apparent loser who wound up winning an election by overcoming a “glitch” in the voting machines. IMO this is a highly under-reported story.

After the contentious election in 2018 in a race that Stacey Abrams claimed was mismanaged, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordered the purchase of new voting machines from Dominion, and they came with a caveat.

Cybersecurity experts and election integrity activists warn that the new machines suffer from many of the same problems as the old ones, including being vulnerable to hacking, and advocate for a system using hand-marked paper ballots.

They were delivered in December of 2019.

A woman named Michele Long Spears was in a primary running for DeKalb County Commissioner. There were three candidates and the runoff would cull the lowest vote getter out of the race. In the voter machine tabulation Spears seemed to have the lowest vote total but she noticed something odd. She had received zero votes in her own district – despite she and her husband voting for her.

In all but four of the district’s nearly 40 precincts, no Election Day votes were recorded for Ms. Spears, who had received more than 2,000 early votes. She said that she immediately alerted state and county election authorities.

“When I visited several precincts (including my own) after Election Day and saw ZERO votes reported for myself, I was shocked and knew that wasn’t accurate,” Ms. Spears said in a text message.

After conducting a hand count over the Memorial Day weekend and auditing those returns, election officials determined that they had drastically underreported the vote totals for Ms. Spears.

She received 43 percent of the vote, not 24 percent, as reported by an unofficial and incomplete election summary posted on May 25 on the county’s website. As the top vote-getter, Ms. Spears qualified for a June 21 runoff against the second-place candidate, Lauren Alexander.

She eventually won the runoff. That’s really where the questions begin. The fault was placed on “programming errors” and “technical issues.” 

The candidates expressed concerns:

Spears and the two other candidates, Marshall Orson and Lauren Alexander, worry about future implications. “We want some certainty – some assurances our election system is going to be free of serious defects,” said Orson. “This is a bellwether for what could happen in the fall if we aren’t paying attention,” said Alexander.

It also brings questions about the 2020 election. “Programming errors” and “technical issues” are all too easy to create, especially in the middle of the night. There are many who have concerns about the 2020 election and are being criminalized by the Biden regime. Without a doubt it is being done intentionally to intimidate those who might question human error, future programming errors and technical issues into being afraid to raise their voices. The stage is being set.

Paper ballots are the only way to go.

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